Sneak Peek: DermaBlend Flawless Creator

Sometimes it’s a little bit embarrassing to tell people I work in skincare. My face tends to breakout erratically (thanks, hormones), I have bouts of rosacea, and on any given day my face is either an oil slick or as dry as the Sahara desert. I also deal with cystic acne on some super fun occasions so needless to say; my skin is all over the place. That’s why I’m always less than thrilled when I have to put on makeup.

From the moment I reach for my makeup bag, my internal voice is questioning if evening out my complexion and hiding problem areas is worth risking a breakout, flare-up or reaction. After Dermablend Professional's Flawless Creator launches on August 5 this will no longer be a daily struggle. The non-comedogenic drops provide a new and much-needed twist on foundation. They're completely safe for people with mild to severe skin concerns to use without having to worry about making existing skin conditions worse while buildable degrees of coverage makes it easier for them to face the world with confidence.

Created by dermatologists, this product's formula has not only been allergy and sensitive skin-tested, but it contains just six ingredients. Impressively, not one of those is water. In fact, this multi-use product is made up of 33% concentrated pigment and the formula is both water and oil-free. Development of Flawless Creator started in March 2016 and it will be available in 20 shades thanks to DermaBlend’s 2013 initiative to expand their shade diversity. During the creation process, thirteen Flawless Creator variations were tested to ensure the final product would provide users with the blendable and buildable coverage DermaBlend is known for while remaining weightless and customizable.


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I recently had the chance to test Flawless Creator and I was extremely impressed. Just two drops are enough to cover all my problem areas seamlessly. Plus, it retails for just $40, making it affordable and accessible for almost anyone’s budget. The best part, for me, is that once this product is available I’ll never have to be nervous about applying foundation again because DermaBlend has made it easy for consumers to understand why this product won’t worsen any of their skin concerns.

If you’re interested in offering Flawless Creator to your clients, trust me, it won’t be a hard sell. As a bonus, the experts at DermaBlend recommend users mix it with other skincare products before applying so it will pair perfectly with the products your clients already purchase during visits.

Do you want to sell Flawless Creator Drops in your office? Complete this form on Dermablend's site and choose “request to dispense Dermablend”. 

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