These Ingredients Boost the Benefits of Mushroom-Based Skincare

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You already know of the numerous ways mushrooms can benefit the skin, but when using mushrooms with other ingredients, it’s important to consider the type of mushroom extract used. According to CelleClé’s Ashley Stowers, numerous actives can be derived from mushrooms grown throughout the world.

“Some extracts are in the form of vitamins, or amino acids, or proteins, or enzymes,” she says. “Mushroom extracts can be incorporated into a variety of formulations, from the ones designed for aging skin, where mushroom extracts can be paired with age-defying peptides to products intended to purify problem skin, in which mushroom extracts and enzymes can boost the activity of various skin-clarifying actives.”

Because mushrooms are rich in antioxidants, some like to partner them with similar ingredients to capitalize or enhance their ability to fight free radicals. “Mushrooms pair well with other antioxidant-rich ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin E, and astaxanthin to help repair and protect skin from sun damage,” says EmerginC’s Kimberly Sampson. “Mushrooms also work well with other exfoliating enzymes such as raspberry and papaya to enhance the breakdown of keratin protein in dead skin cells and enhance exfoliation effects.”


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According to Jurlique’s Sara LaBree Baldwin, pairing the hydrating benefits of silver ear mushroom with ingredients such as peach leaf extract and Persian silk tree help to reduce the signs of fatigue and improve skin’s vitality. Says Stowers, “Most mushroom extracts are skin-friendly and ‘play along’ well with other ingredients in typical formulations, so unless there is a specific pH range at which specific mushroom extracts need to be incorporated, there are very few special considerations.”


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