Threading Versus Waxing?

When it comes to hair removal, I’ve pretty much tried it all on my brows. In my opinion, waxing seems to be the best option. It’s speedy, it’s accurate, and it seems to hurt less than some of the other choices, like threading. Malynda Vigliott, owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar (New York City), wholeheartedly agrees. “Most people turn to threading because of bad waxing experiences, but the truth is, most times waxing shapes a better brow, it’s cheaper, and requires less maintenance,” she says.


According to Vigliott, Boom Boom sees more than 500 clients a month and comes across many in rehab victimized by threading. She says threading produces a specific style of thin (way too thin) brow with too much hair taken off the beginning/front (near the nose). “I can spot a thread job a mile away, because the brow is the same width from one end to the other —thin,” she says. “A nice brow should be fuller towards the nose and gradually taper down as it reaches the outside of the face. It’s a stylistic issue, that’s how you get the arch. If you like big bold brows, threading is not the way to get them.”

Vigliott says that while threading should pull hair out at the follicle, most threaders cut it off with the thread, so it’s basically like using a razor, requiring more maintenance each month, sometimes every week or bi monthly. Wax, on the other hand, always pulls hair out from the follicle, requiring one swift 10-minute service a month. “The key to good brow maintenance is getting hair on the same growth cycle, so a shaping can be done just once a month or every 30 days,” she says. “When it’s not on the same cycle, maintenance must be done at different times to keep brow looking polished, it just doesn’t make sense. I say shape once a month and get on with your fab life.”

Do you agree with Vigliott, or are you a threading aficionado? Share your thoughts here.