Three Reasons to Incorporate a Vegan Product Line at Your Spa

See why these three pros think vegan skincare is the future of the spa industry // Photo credit: Anna-Ok/iStock/Getty Images Plus (Anna-Ok/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

If you’re wondering if a vegan skincare line could be right for your spa, consider the following reasons.

According to Luxe Botanics' Jené Roestorf, she foresees huge growth for the category. “The power consumer has come of age and is demanding more from the brands they buy,” she says. “It’s not enough just to know what ingredients are in products, consumers also want to know they are safe and how they were sourced, but no one wants to substitute this for results. So, we’re going to see some of the most cutting-edge products evolve within the vegan and natural beauty space in the future.”

FarmHouse Fresh’s Shannon McLinden believes that every ingredient makes a difference. “I believe it was Alicia Silverstone who spoke about the tremendous benefit of choosing one day a week to skip meat,” she says. “Every step counts. In numbers, one product, one skipped meal, all of this collectively affects demand on a global level.” Fortunately, many are realizing they have the power to vote with their dollars.

“The more veganism grows in popularity as a lifestyle, the greater the need will be for vegan beauty products,” says PH Simply's Cyndi Frick. “The younger generations are growing up more aware of the choices they make and how those choices affect not only their bodies but also the world and environment around them. To that end, I believe vegan beauty will become increasingly more popular as the next generation seeks brands that align with their evolving values.”


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