Three Secrets to Marketing Serums

Photography: Getty Images (Getty Images)

Serums, while often considered a hero product in a number of skincare lines, have saturated the beauty and wellness market. Because serums are ideal for clients of all ages, and there are a number of serums for your clients to choose from, it’s important to market them effectively. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Educate your customers on the benefits of serums: “Talk about them, blog about them, and educate, not just in the front reception area but in the treatment room,” says Ellen Clark, CEO of Control Corrective Skincare Systems. “Tell them why you are applying the serum, and let them know why it is important they use the serum at home.” 
  • Allow clients to test serums in the retail area: “It’s helpful to have a tester along with a key features and benefits shelf-talker available,” says Robin Carmichael, president and CEO of Helix BioMedix. “As serums can be some of the higher priced products in your retail lineup, this helps clients understand the cost-to-value proposition to encourage purchase.” 
  • Reach out to influencers to help promote the serum: “Consumers trust word-of-mouth from friends and those they trust, more than the brands themselves,” says Purlisse’s Jennifer Yen. “Using influencers is a great way to promote the product and bring brand awareness from their loyal followers. Being engaged with customers with their wants and needs is helpful in knowing what your target market wants.”



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