True Reversal

Babor, reversive anti-aging facial, babor facial, anti-aging skincare,Spa-goers who want to turn back time can now experience the next best thing with Babor's ReVersive Anti-Aging Facial ($185, 50 minutes; $225, 80 minutes), which helps them to look as if they had. The facial uses a revolutionary time-reverse technology as part of its Re-Youth Complex, which depends on four high-performance ingredients to counteract some of the factors that contribute to skin aging. Agicyl activates the skin's own protective mechanisms, epocyl helps smooth skin, lumicol evens out irregularities in skintone, and telovitin protects telomeres from premature shortening, thus extending the lifespan of cells (go in-depth on telomeres and their role in aging here). The treatment involves a thorough cleansing and applications of a variety of ReVersive Anti-Aging products, including two serums, a mask, an eye cream, and more. "The real point of difference in this ultra-effective anti-aging treatment is the active ingredients that make up the ReVersive Re-Youth Complex," says Fabienne Lindholm, executive director of education for Babor North America. "Consumers can expect thrilling, visible results that include smoother, firmer skin; a more refined complexion; and a renewed, youthful radiance."

For this facial and many others, innovative active ingredients are integral to the visible benefits clients enjoy after the treatment (and what keeps them coming back to your spa for results). If you're intrigued by the science behind the latest ingredients be sure to check out the upcoming webinar led by Andrea Weber, head of the Babor Research and Innovation Centre (Aachen, Germany). On Monday, March 16th, 1:00pm EST (10:00am PST), Weber will guide participants through the latest research into skin aging and how it leads to groundbreaking, innovative, and technologically advanced anti-aging skincare products and treatments. For more information and to register: click here.

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