What Drinking Collagen Every Day for a Month Will do for Skin

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I may have started my 30 days of Skinade on April Fool’s Day, but this collagen regimen was no joke. I was excited to see what beauty boost was really possible with a peachy-flavored nutricosmetic drink. The regimen was easy enough, drink one serving of Skinade daily. I could mix concentrated gel packets with water or sip from pre-mixed 5-ounce bottles. I left the bottles in the office so it would be easy to remember the drink during the weekdays and took the sachets home to keep up with the course over the weekends.

Each serving includes a whopping 7,000mg of collagen. The hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides are derived from the skin of fresh-water fish and are the most abundant in type I and III collagen, the same type found in the skin. As such, the supplement works to boost the natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. What does that mean in terms of appearance? After about two weeks, I noticed my formerly brittle nails growing stronger and longer.

Even without a manicure, they looked healthy and could hold up to days of typing, doing dishes, and other tough-on-nails chores without breaking or peeling. As my month of Skinade progressed, my hair became noticeably shinier and easier to style; my natural curls have never looked better. After the full 30 days, I observed a boost in my skin as well. My main skin concerns are dehydration and occasional breakouts. While a blemish or two still popped up during the trial, my skin was able to heal itself quickly without the usual lingering redness. It also felt softer and more supple, signs of healthy moisture levels. The results speak for themselves—I would recommend Skinade to complement clients’ homecare regimens and enhance results between spa visits.