What's in Your Beauty Bag With Pam Margolis

Beauty Bag
Illustration: Klint Callaghan (cosmetic bag)

Pam Margolis, owner of Ivy Spa Club (Minneapolis), shares some of her personal faves.

Doctor Babor Derma Cellular Collagen Booster Cream “The first time I was given a sample of this product, I fell in love with it. It hydrates well with great results without feeling heavy on my skin. It is the first product I like to recommend to all of our guests.”

Nardo’s Natural Muscle Rub “This product is my quick fix for a sore neck when I have spent too much time on my computer, and I can’t move without pain. We use this in our massages at the spa to enhance the results. It is unique in that along with eucalyptus and peppermint, it also contains ginger, which helps relieve tissue inflammation.”

Zeva Cuticle Oil Pen “Winter in Minnesota makes my cuticles very dry, and the cuticle pen is easy to keep in my desk and use when I am on a phone call. I also love it because it is a local Minnesota company I am supporting. It is 100 percent natural with 14 natural ingredients.”

Jane Iredale Magic Mitt “When I first brought in Jane Iredale makeup, one of my estheticians was so excited to be able to sell the magic mitts, because they work so well.”

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