Beauty Changes Lives Partners With Celebrity Hairstylist Ken Paves

Celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves has partnered with non-profit Beauty Changes Lives to launch Know Beauty Secrets, a campaign dedicated to bringing more awareness and attention to the rewarding careers that are part of the $49 billion beauty industry. Paves knows firsthand how far the beauty industry can take a person. From growing up in a working-class family in Detroit, to now working with the likes of Oprah and Victoria Beckham, and showcasing his work on the covers of most global fashion magazines, the beauty industry has brought him great success. "There is a bit of a stigma surrounding work in the beauty industry," says Lynelle Lynch, founder of Beauty Changes Lives. "Oftentimes people look down upon those who have chosen a path in the beauty field or see it as a 'backup' to jobs that require a college education. That's why we launched this campaign, to help shift the narrative and perception around working in the beauty world."

Beauty Changes Lives' mission is to make the beauty and wellness profession a first-choice career. To date it has helped over 1,000 people join the beauty world through the support of scholarships and mentorships. "I am so grateful for what my career has afforded me and that it has allowed me to turn my passion into giving back," says Paves. "I was honored when Beauty Changes Lives approached me about being the face of their outreach campaign. Their mission of empowering the next generation of beauty professionals through scholarships, mentorships, and more is in complete alignment with my values and my road to beauty. Because of the support I had from my family, especially my mother, I was able to have this amazing career. I am that person where Beauty did Change my Life."

The Know Beauty Secrets campaign is a collaborative effort between some of the world's leading beauty companies working to bring together and organize the thousands of companies and millions of employees in the salon and spa world by making it easy for them to support this campaign. Beauty Changes Lives will be providing guidelines, promotional materials, and social media tools to allow these companies and salon and spa pros to effectively and consistently share their stories and support campaign activities.