EpicurenAs the New York Times recently reported in the article 'Scientific Solution to Save Your Skin' (7/13/03): "The days of hope in a jar, different merely in package and price, are long gone." Southern California-based Epicuren Discovery has based their success on their results-oriented, medically-based skin treatment methodology. Epicuren products "boost the immune system, increase the skin's metabolism, and stimulate skin cells with increased flow of blood, oxygen, and nutrients.'

Founder Robert Heiman developed Epicuren when searching for a cure for vitiligo, a condition that creates unsightly, hypersensitive blotches on the skin. When researching organ specific enzymes with world-renowned cosmetic chemists and scientists, Heiman made his "Discovery"--that Metabolic Enzyme complexes can improve the skin at the cellular level. Using these enzymes, Heiman was able to control the symptoms of his vitiligo.

Epicuren has developed customized skin care regimes to address individual needs. These products produce elasticity, and firmness in the skin, due to the unique enzyme- proteins, and are formulated with the highest quality raw materials, that are natural, and are pharmaceutical grade. Used correctly, Epicuren will produce dramatic results, that is what the public is looking for, significant change and improvement from topical skin care products.

An example of Epicuren's unique approach to skin care is the work they have done with Corigem Propolis. Propolis is a resin, which keeps beehives intact; bees use it to seal the holes in the hive. It is a sap like secretion created from the various flowers and plants that bees collect. Propolis is a defense layer that helps to sanitize the beehive, preventing the growth of fungus and bacteria. It contains bioflavonoids, which help in disease prevention. Epicuren uses corigem proplolis from the rainforests of Brazil, which produces dozens of bioflavonoids, from the variety of plants that grow there. Epicuren has developed two lines of propolis products that are available through spas and medical offices.

Epicuren offers a full spa line, including oils, scrubs, masks with fragrant botanicals such kukui nut and orange blossom, and the "Tri-crystal Microdermabrasion Body Treatment." The"Silver Ion Facial", which relies on positive and negative electrical charges to infuse minerals and expel toxins, is a favorite with the Hollywood elite.

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