Pietro Simone Launches New Treatment Menu at New York and London Clinics

Pietro Simone recently launched a new menu at his House of Pietro Simone in New York and London clinics. With an education-first approach, the new menu prioritizes understanding of the layers of skin from bones to epidermis, allowing clients to receive personalized treatments tailored to meet their specific skin concerns. Pietro's unique concept defines the layers of the skin from muscles, to fat, to dermis, to epidermis, and explains how each one requires different attention to reap the benefits of products, technology, and touch.

The House of Pietro Simone represents a fusion of methodical Skin Layer Treatments, powerful skincare formulations, ultra performing technologies and Italian hospitality for a distinctive and personal experience. The stand-out Skin Layers Treatments and Skincare Map provide a meticulous guide of addressing each skincare routine to support, correct, and enhance the entire skin ecosystem. The Skincare Mission Map is founded on five focus areas: Pro-Aging, Hydration, Rosacea/Sensitivity, Hyper-Pigmentation, and Oil/Acne. Four Core Skin Treatments at the heart of his menu utilize this map in their sessions: The Introductory, The Corrective, The Maintenance, and The Relaxer facials, all of which are part of a diligent cycle offered throughout the year, and designed to revitalize, sculpt, lift, tone, and restore the skin.

Treatment sessions range in length from 15 minutes to 180 minutes, and target all problem areas from forehead wrinkles to legs. Popular Body Treatments include The Fierce Body Treatment and The Body Age-Management Correcting Protocol- two intense options (and celeb favorites) that strategically renew, rejuvenate, and correct concerns for unparalleled results. Also included on the menu are services such as Micro-Needling, Photo Peels, Laser Hair Removal, and a Home Care Plan created to help clients get the most out of their treatments.