Epicutis Launches Lipid Recovery Mask

Epicutis has launched a Lipid Recovery Mask, an ultra-concentrated post-procedure mask designed to cut down on recovery time following cosmetic procedures such as ablative and non-ablative laser treatments, IPL/BBL treatments, and microneedling. It can an also be used weekly to enhance ones skincare routine. The mask is formulated with 1% TSC (Tetramethylhexadecenyl Succinoyl Cysteine), zinc, and multiple molecular weight hyaluronic acid that are infused into the skin by this coconut fermented adhesion mask. The ingredients work into deeper skin layers to revitalize and boost the health of the skin and reduce inflammation in under fifteen minutes. TSC is Epicutis’s novel ingredient that has clinically proven anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties by stopping inflammatory signals from cells to decrease skin’s inflammation, redness, and irritation. “Unlike other anti-aging, anti-inflammatory ingredients, TSC can modulate the inflammatory response caused by daily exposure to environmental factors such as UV, pollution, and poor diet,” says Maxwell Stock, CEO and founder of Signum Biosciences. "It works with our skin’s natural repair mechanisms to improve and retexturize the skin. For those who experience skin sensitivity, TSC is a great substitute for Retinol or Vitamin C to achieve similar benefits without the irritation or risk of irritation, redness, and flaking.”  

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