Tips for Marketing to Male Clients

According to The Future of Aesthetics global trend report from Allergan Aesthetics, modern men are increasingly comfortable caring for their body and their face. In fact, demand for male aesthetic treatments are rising and that trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down. While some men are opting for aesthetic treatments to help them maintain a younger and healthier appearance, others are turning to skincare designed specifically for their needs, and even makeup to help improve their appearance. “Men are naturally becoming more interested in their skin health and care,” says Michael Bruggeman, CEO and chief formulation officer at OM4 Organic Male. “The cultural taboos are not as daunting as in years past. Cosmetics and fast dermatological procedures will be on the rise, as men like to see results instantaneously.” 

Men's grooming

Our experts share helpful tips for marketing to men:

• Free Gift With Service: “Facial masks for men have exploded on social media, so create a limited-edition treatment that builds in the price of gifting a retail mask to every guest,” says Katherine Tomasso, national director of education at Yon-Ka.    

• Couples’ Treatments: “Women are still key influencers in getting men into the spa,” says Michael Bruggeman, CEO and chief formulation officer at OM4 Organic Male. “Couples’ treatments work well, as well as events that invite both men and women. Spirit, wine, and beer tastings can be seductively coupled with spa events. Wellness weekends are a fun way to get both men and women thinking about skin health and nutrition as an important part of their wellness routines.” 

• Express Services: “Start small by creating quick, efficient treatments that focus on the skin issues rather than giving a whole facial experience,” says Dora Fenech, training director at Guinot. “Start with entry-level facials where the client doesn’t need to change into a robe.”

• Spa Packages: “A series package at a discounted rate works great in two ways,” says Fenech. “The first is that it provides the spa with a consistent client, at least until the package is utilized. It also gives the client an opportunity to see the full spectrum of results that consistency in having treatments will provide.”

• Product Sampling: “The best way to promote skincare products to men is to book them for a service,” says Melissa Morris, director of east coast education at Pevonia Natural Skincare. “This allows the esthetician to introduce them to the products being used and to their retail counterparts. If the experience is memorable and delivers favorable results, the male client is actually easier to motivate to purchase and less skeptical than a female client as long as they have a clear understanding of the product and an easy method of use. Each employee plays an important role in ensuring an enjoyable experience. Should the male client not make a purchase, samples should be given along with easy how-to-use instructions.”