BTL Aesthetics Introduces New Exion Device

BTL Aesthetics unveiled its latest innovation, Exion, a versatile device capable of treating 23 different areas of skin, from head to toe. How is it able to effectively and fully treat the largest organ of the body? It uses four advanced applicators which include:

  • Micro-needling RF 
  • The Face Applicator
  • The Body Applicator 
  • The Emfemme 360 applicator for intimate health 

The Applicators:

Fractional RF Applicator: BTL Monopolar RF Microneedling for Face & Body.

A few key call outs include: 

  • Deep tissue penetration via Monopolar RF technology versus needles allows for less pain and more gain
  • AI ensures optimal delivery of thermal energy that ensures impact in a single pass, this allows deeper layers to be treated without physically puncturing the dermis which allows a less painful experience and treatment, compared to other traditional options on the market
  • Treatment calls for four sessions —  Length of each treatment varies 

Exion Face Applicator: The first non-invasive device to utilize radio frequency and targeted ultrasound to boost production of Hyaluronic Acid and improve skin laxity.

A few key call outs include: 

  • This device has the ability to treat not only the face, but the neck as well, which is a huge advancement
    • Why is this important: The Neck and decolletage areas are often the first to display signs of aging, being able to treat this along with the face allows for a natural looking facelift that is cohesive
  • Combination of simultaneous RF and Targeted Ultrasound technology = patented
    • The Emtone device uses “Targeted Pressure” whereas this is an advancement that uses Ultrasound energy
  • Addresses HA production, Collagen, Elastin, Wrinkles and Laxity in the same treatment 
  • Treatment calls for four sessions — Length of each treatment varies 

Exion Body Applicator: Same technological properties as Face applicator, but larger to accommodate the body.

A few key call outs include: 

  • Skin Laxity treatment for body areas 
  • Active skin cooling for treating deeper layers 
  • Allows patients to address localized volume reduction in hard to reach/treat places: bra roll, banana roll, knees
  • Treatment calls for four sessions — Length of each treatment varies 

Emfemme 360 (Intimate Health) Applicator: (An opportunity for reintroduction, driving Pelvic Power Suite messaging).

A few key call outs include: 

  • Breakthrough Emfemme 360 RF technology 
  • Shortest RF intimate treatment on the market 
  • Temperature tracker to support consistent outcomes 
  • Non-invasive nature allows it to be combined with other procedures  
    • Coupled with Emsella for Pelvic Power Suite
  • Sessions are eight minutes 

Here are the before and after images:

Exion's before and after
(BTL Aesthetics )

Exion: Next generation technology to treat the skin from head to toe. 

Device Benefits

  • Single pass MNRF with deep energy delivery and less pain 
  • Patented simultaneous RF and targeted ultrasound 
  • Selectively treats all layers of the skin 
  • The shortest RF treatment for intimate health