QMS Using AI to Offer Personalized Skincare Analysis

QMS Medicosmetics has launched an advanced Digital Skin Analyzer that works directly from its website to analyze three different skin aspects: skin type, age, and wrinkles. This AI skin analyzer provides users with a detailed skin analysis in just minutes, including recommendations for an individualized skincare routine based on their needs. The analysis is based on dermatological research, state-of-the-art face scanning technology, and anonymous data from more than 100,000 facial analyses.

What is behind the digital skin analysis?

QMS Medicosmetics uses artificial intelligence for the digital skin expert, more specifically an image analysis algorithm. The AI has been trained with more than 100,000 images and their associated information. The data labeling and evaluation was done by dermatologists and cosmetic experts. The algorithm examines the uploaded image and recognizes the different areas of your face. Then the digital skin expert analyzes the individual parts and categorizes them. For example, dry spots, wrinkles or impurities are detected.

The advantages of AI skin analysis:

  1. It acts very precisely and can process a lot of information quickly. It detects details in the skin that the naked eye cannot perceive.
  2. The best solution for the skin is based on facts! Artificial intelligence is less prone to error because it always makes objective decisions. Decisions made by humans, on the other hand, depend on various factors, such as their own experience, concentration and other subjective influences. Since our results are purely fact-based, we do not need a complicated questionnaire.
  3. Based on the results, personalized recommendations for products and treatments can be made directly — exactly matching the individual needs. The wallet is happy: test and bad purchases are history.
  4. Digital analysis does not require an appointment, nor does it take place at a fixed location to which one must first travel. Instead, the free AI skin analysis can be used at any time and from anywhere. This results in immense time savings.

The AI provides real-time skin analysis and the user immediately recognizes the skin need. The user learns the skin age, which parts are normal, dry or oily and if and how many wrinkles the skin texture shows. QMS reveals the highest priority in the skincare routine for healthy skin, develops an individual beauty plan to match the result and thus gives the best solution for the specific needs.