SkinCeuticals Names Sofia Richie Grainge as the New Global Brand Partner

SkinCeuticals recently named model and entrepreneur Sofia Richie Grainge as its new global brand partner. Richie Grainge will help educate about the power of SkinCeuticals integrated skincare approach, backed by science, and powered by aesthetic doctors. “As a skincare-enthusiast, SkinCeuticals was first recommended by my dermatologist," says Richie Grainge. "After learning more about it, collaborating with the brand came naturally. I have always had a deep passion for skincare and finding the perfect set of products that are not only effective, but also complement my day-to-day routine. Through this partnership and Dr. Mamina’s consultation, I was able to learn more in depth about SkinCeuticals integrated skincare approach and find the perfect routine that I am so excited to share.”

As brand partner, Richie Grainge will star in a global campaign, SkinCeuticals Skin Powered by Aesthetic Doctors, showcasing her SkinCeuticals-powered skincare routine, “The Sofia.” Curated specifically for Richie Grainge by Dr. Mamina Turegano — triple board-certified aesthetic dermatologist and SkinCeuticals brand partner, the routine is an introduction to the brand’s integrated skincare approach and can be used daily or paired with in-office procedures. Featuring SkinCeuticals staples: the Simply Clean Cleanser, C E Ferulic, H.A. Intensifier, Triple Lipid Restore and the Daily Brightening Sunscreen, “The Sofia” will be available to shop on SkinCeuticals site.