Sunless, Inc. to Celebrate 2nd Annual National Spray Tanning Day Mar. 21

Sunless, Inc. announced that the second annual National Spray Tanning Day will be held Thursday, March 21, 2024, and will be nationally recognized each year on the third Thursday of March. Spray tanning is a healthy way to achieve a natural-looking glow for all skin tones. The average spray tan, whether in an automated spray system or by a professional spray-tan artist, takes about five minutes and is customizable based on consumers’ preferences. Not only does a spray tan provide a sun-kissed look in just minutes, but it also provides a major confidence boost, firms and hydrates the skin, and helps to maintain a year-round tan. “On National Spray Tanning Day, and every day for that matter, everyone can spray tan and show off their inner glow,” says Randy Zeno, CEO at Sunless, Inc. “An important part of our responsibility to consumers is to elevate the conversation surrounding safe, sunless tanning and celebrate inclusivity. And that’s exactly why we celebrate this special day annually.”

Nearly 70 million people were exposed to spray tanning messaging during last year’s first-annual National Spray Tanning Day. More than 1,000 salons in 44 states and three countries participated in last year’s celebration.