Spa Uniforms' Noel Asmar Creates Backstage Spa Experience at The Emmys


For the second consecutive year, spa style authority NOEL ASMAR has been called upon to create a deluxe, pre-Emmy's backstage ambience worthy of Hollywood's A-list.

This year, Asmar and two of her brands, SPA UNIFORMS, INC. and PEDICURE BOWLS, teamed with Green Bliss Eco Spa, Los Angeles' only eco-luxury mobile spa service, to offer celebs a respite from awards-night frenzy.

In 2006, Asmar was contacted by Access Hollywood to supply uniforms for the tented pre-event VIP suite hosted by the series. This year, Asmar dressed the Green Bliss Eco Spa team in her Dolce jackets, a popular Spa Uniforms style reminiscent of a classic tuxedo-shirt. 'The jacket features a crisp, pin-tucked front placket which sends an instant message of elegant service,' says Vancouver, B.C.-based Asmar. To coordinate with the earth-friendly mission of the spa, Asmar selected the Dolce jacket in Olive Green, and paired it with matching Capri pants. She explains that the uniform textile contains a bit of stretch so that the garment has 'memory', and retains its tailored silhouette as the wearer moves. 'I always tell spa teams everywhere, the moment you step out onto that floor, it's showtime!,' says Asmar. 'The power of appearance is critical, since how you look says a lot about you as a professional, and forms an immediate impression with the client.'

Green Bliss Eco Spa, Los Angeles' only eco-luxury mobile spa service, also provided environmentally enlightened beauty services utilizing another of Asmar's spa innovations, PEDICURE BOWLS. Asmar's newly launched line of pedicure bowls was selected for the 'green' spa for their streamlined beauty and portability, and also because they do not utilize jets or piping which may harbor harmful bacteria.

'When the pressure is on, spas have the opportunity to really shine,' she says. 'It's important that the team look sharp, move with a purpose, and really bring their best to the client experience, especially when the client is about to step onto the red carpet.' Asmar's family of spa products includes deluxe robes, towels, blankets and ergonomic yet chic leather footwear for spa professionals, as well as pedicure bowls in hand-hammered copper as well as lightweight resin, and, of course, the most comprehensive range of uniforms in the industry. Asmar's products are known worldwide for their superb quality of fabrication, as well as a rich palette of designer colors in every medium.

Launched in 2002, SPA UNIFORMS, INC. and its sister company SPA COLLECTION DESIGN STUDIOS, INC. are dedicated to creating excellence in the spa industry through a growing family of products which bring together superb technical performance, function and beauty. SPA UNIFORMS is the preferred supplier for Westin Spas worldwide. Many other exclusive spa venues rely upon SPA UNIFORMS , including 20 deluxe Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton Spa locations, as well as the Bellagio, and the Canyon Ranch SpaClub at the Venetian in Las Vegas.