In 1999 a visitor to a spa was most probably a woman. She might have had a facial, a massage, an herbal wrap, a manicure and a pedicure, taken a yoga class and sipped bottled water. At that time, the U.S. spa market was a $5 billion business.

Two short years later in 2001, the number of spas in the U.S. has grown from 5,700 to about 7,000 and the industry is projected to surpass $11 billion in 2001. Today's day spa visitor might be a man or a woman sipping anti-oxidant teas handpicked by a tea sommelier, and taking advantage of treatments that could include Reiki and craniosacral therapy.

These and other key market changes will be highlighted at Spacifically 2001, the conference and exposition for spa, resort and hotel executives, taking place September 11-13 at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California.

"These statistics and facts help us get a hand on an industry which has experienced several important changes over a very short time" said Karen Crawford, vice president/director of Spacifically. She continued, "We are seeing opportunities for spas to develop and grow in new and undeveloped markets. Spacifically 2001 offers spa and hotel executives the information, products and services they need to reach out successfully to these markets."

Among other emerging trends: "medi-" or medical spas, mid-priced spa services and the increasing involvement of the architecture, design and building industries in the spa market.

While the baby boomer segment by far accounts for the largest group of spa goers, with 76.8 million graying baby boomers over 50, there is plenty of opportunity to reach 18 to 24 year olds, as well as men. The baby boomer market alone will increase to 85.7 million by 2005.

In addition, according to a recent report in the Wall Street Journal, the "luxury market" is not as susceptible to the prevailing economic downturn; though the economy may slow, the spa industry will continue to grow and diversify into a many new market segments.

There are 31.6 million "booming teens" as 13-19 year-olds were recently dubbed by Inc Magazine. This group will increase to 33.6 million by 2005. Spas have been gearing for these growing and emerging markets with new and innovative treatments, products and services. For example, some high-level, established spas have begun to offer special fees and programs to appeal to this age group.

"We work hard to keep apace with developments, and more and more people want to become involved with this show," said Karen Crawford, "Ever since we announced that the show would be in Anaheim, we've had calls from all over the world from people who want to attend. We can accommodate 270 booths, which will triple the size of the show, and they're filling up fast. We anticipate an audience of more than 3,000 executives."

According to Crawford, the entire emphasis at Spacifically 2001 is on the business of running a spa or offering spa services at hotels, resorts or other facilities. More than 40 seminars cover a wide range of spa-related topics: "Grow from a Salon to A Spa — Where, When & How to Do It," "Advanced Market Analysis," How to Profitably Integrate a Restaurant into Your Spa," "Best Medical Spa Designs," " How to Brand and Position Your Spa Against the Competition," "Using Technology to Increase Profit," "How Organics Attract Customers," "Hotel Spas — Leased vs. Owned?" and many more.

"This conference is designed for hotel and resort executives, real estate developers, architects, interior designers, builder/remodelers and beauty, wellness and skincare professionals, as well as all spa owners and operators," said Crawford. "We've moved 360 degrees away from the old days, when spas were 'fat farms.' People look to spas for a sense of wellness and continued good health. Smart administrators need to know what's next, what equipment to invest in, how to manage efficiently and how to make it all pay. That's what Spacifically 2001 is geared to provide."

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