Spas Enhance Profits with Breakthrough Nutraceutical and Weight Management Programs

Spas/Medspas Enhance Profits And Services With Nutraceuticals And Breakthrough Weight Management Programs With Metabolic Testing And Online Meal Planning

Traditional avenues for healthier lifestyle solutions are failing in America. The typical American maintains a sedentary lifestyle including a diet lacking essential nutrients and riddled with unhealthy choices that has obesity rates soaring. However, reports show that over 87% of the American population wants to make a change and Spas/Medspas are becoming a haven for consumers seeking broader solutions for healthier living. To meet this demand, a unique Atlanta-based company, elementalsTM, has earned significant credibility in the industry by delivering one of the most comprehensive, affordable, and turn-key programs for nutritional support and weight management.

elementalsTM delivers a trusted brand offering owners and their clients:
o Premium grade nutraceuticals formulated in world-class, GMP-certified facilities.
o High-concentration ingredients with optimum absorption to give the body what it needs for radiant skin and long-term health
o Signature Weight Management Program including innovative Metabolic Testing and Online Meal Planning programs.
o Complimentary online wellness resource center filled with home fitness guides, workout tips, wellness education articles, and life balance coaching tips.

"Spa owners are seeking simple, profitable ways to meet their clients' demands for nutrition and weight management programs and we've delivered the solution they're asking for....and when it comes to nutrition every single person is a potential buyer," says elementalsTM Founding Partner Keith Rodbell.

Join the many healthcare providers and spa industry leaders that are already experiencing the benefits both to their business and to the health of their clients. Let elementalsTM help you and your clients experience more of what you want out of business and life today. To learn more visit our website at

About elementalsTM
elementalsTM is a progressive high energy company that delivers unique and simple solutions to the burgeoning wellness industry. The company holds board positions on major spa and medical spa associations with endorsements from other respected companies in the industry. elementalsTM is unique to the spa and medical spa industry as the exclusive provider of a comprehensive nutraceutical and weight management program that offers truly turn-key implementation with the opportunity for long-term revenue...and long-term client health.

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