Embrace the Five Natural Elements With This Healing Treatment

A treatment room at Five Wellbeing Studio + Spa gives guests the opportunity to experience wellness through the five elements.

For spa-goers who want to achieve balance, Five Wellbeing Studio + Spa (Littleton, CO) offers a customized approach with services based on the five elements of water, fire, metal, wood, and earth. According to founder Betsy Abrams, the five elements played a key role in her healing journey after her husband passed away from cancer. “I was receiving a treatment from a five elements acupuncturist and experienced a profound healing,” says Abrams.

Moved by the experience, Abrams wanted to offer the same to others. “I listened to the voice inside of me that said I needed to create a place that would anchor others to wellbeing through the five elements,” she says. In addition to incorporating the five elements into the menu, which includes a variety of treatments using an exclusive private-label line of custom-blended essential oils from Body Bliss, Abrams and her team also worked with Yogi Tunes to develop sound tracks that relate to each of the elements. She says, “All throughout our development process, each team member understood how important it was to me to make the five elements visually and spiritually present.”

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