Emerson Resort & Spa Offers New Spiritual Healing Treatments

Photo credit: Emerson Resort & Spa (Photo credit: Emerson Resort & Spa)

Emerson Spa at the Emerson Resort & Spa (Mount Tremper, NY) recently introduced new spiritual healing treatments to its menu of services:

  • Chakra Renewal ($150, 90 minutes) – As an energy cleanse and reset, this 30-minute tarot card reading identifies areas of energy blockage, followed by a 60-minute crystal reiki session to release blockage, and renew chakra alignment. The treatment includes guidance for healthy energy focus practices. 
  • Mind, Body & Soul ($195, 90 minutes) – This experience includes a 30-minute tarot card reading, 30-minute focused massage, and 30-minute crystal reiki therapy to clear energy pathways and refresh the life force connection between mind, body, and soul. 
  • Complete Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit ($230, 2 hours) – A full two hours devoted to establishing a complete connection between mind, body, soul, and spirit. Begin with a tarot card reading to identify areas of discord and disconnect. A 60-minute relaxation massage then cleanses, soothes, and heals energy points throughout the body. A crystal reiki session completes the treatment, returning you to a natural relationship between the mind, body, soul, and spirit and a feeling of peace. 

In addition, the Emerson Spa now offers the Spa Bites & Sips menu, offering a variety of healthy or gluten-free options such as mango bruschetta, a veggie board, a fruit board, and others, complemented by a selection of cocktails, wines, brews, teas, and even its ImmuneSchein Elderberry Elixir Shot to add to guests’ spa experience.


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