Escape California City Living at this Thai-Inspired Urban Retreat

Photo courtesy of The Raven Spa

If you’re looking for a place to escape the hustle and bustle of California city-living, The Raven Spa in Santa Monica and Silver Lake has got you covered. In fact, that is exactly why Christina Stratton, owner of The Raven Spa, developed the spas in the first place.

“Los Angeles is always on the go,” says Stratton. “Everyone who is here is on the path of making their dreams come true and we want to be that place where they can recharge, relax, and just rebalance their energy. We aim to take them far-far away without ever leaving the city.”

But what is it that makes The Raven Spa stand out amongst a city of spas? For starters, it utilizes techniques and products indigenous to Thailand into a number of treatments. The spa was first conceptualized by colleagues of Stratton 13 years ago after their travels to Thailand. The spa boasts a “Bali-meets-a-Moroccan flea market-like atmosphere” and prides itself on being a low-profile location in a high-profile city. Today, the spa’s most popular treatment is The Rock Star (two hours; starting at $185). The treatment begins with a 30-minute hand and foot experience followed by a 60-minute authentic Thai massage featuring a hydrating and organic yogurt, oat, and honey face mask, topped off with a head, neck, and shoulder massage. Traditional Thai fisherman pants are worn during treatment to create the most authentic experience. 


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The Raven Spa has also partnered with Privai for skin and bodycare products. Founded by Stratton and her business partner Ilana Alberico, Privai and The Raven Spa custom curated a hand poured Muscle Mender featuring camphor and eucalyptus to ease sore and tired muscles. Launching in February 2019 along with Raven Spa Aromatherapy Drops, the Muscle Mender will be offered as an enhancement to the spa’s oil massages and retail aromatherapy roll-on options.

“We are so excited to be exploring more products for The Raven Spa to introduce not only to our spa boutique but to our spa services that will elevate the experience our guests receive at our special hidden oasis,” says Stratton. As the spa continues to research new modalities surrounding healing and wellness, the spa will introduce new treatments and enhancements to promote sleep, restoration, and mindfulness. “We look forward to continuing to bring a little peace and calm to the people of this wonderful city filled with incredible talent and heart,” says Stratton. “If we can create a special place for this type of healing, then we have done our job promoting wellness.”


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