Experts Reveal the Latest Lash and Brow Trends

Photo Credit: svetikd/Royalty-free/Getty Images

Lashes and brows themselves may always be en vogue, but the ways in which they are shaped and styled are constantly evolving. Here, experts give us a peek into the lash and brow trends of today as well as what might be next in the industry’s future.

• “Right now, we’re celebrating a natural brow, a brilliantly organized mess—I like to call it my shabby-chic brow. It’s a really detailed, thoughtful art form that’s tailor-made to each person’s brows. It’s done without looking too done. Kind of like the no-makeup makeup look.”—Jimena Garcia, brow artist, Chanel

• “The trends I see today are fox eye-styled lashes and super long lashes. On the horizon, I see ladies focusing on brow lamination and bottom lashes. This will give the eye area a full, youthful transformation.”—Clementina Richardson, founder, Envious Lashes

• “Instead of the whole brow being that boy brow where it's kind of undone, and there's lots of loose hairs underneath, I am seeing a fluffy front to the brow, kind of a wispy featheriness in the front of the brow—the area I lovingly call the sprouts. But then the arch is defined, and the tail is nicely tapered. I think the reason for this trend is, again, with mask-wearing, if brows are too full, too bold, too big, they can kind of feel heavy. Basically, giving that nice fullness but giving a good, defined arch is a way to have the brow look full but not heavy. Another trend I see is people more willing to try different kinds of brow products.”—Joey Healy, founder, Joey Healy Eyebrow Studio

• “We are seeing a lot of clients coming through asking for a thicker and straighter brow. This thicker, straighter brow is highly requested and tends to give a more youthful and lifted appearance. For lashes, we are seeing a lot of clients opting for a more natural look and less Bambi-esque.”—Alixandria Taylor, owner, Hairy Little Things