This Headband Will Help You Meditate Better

The brain-sensing headband helps spa-goers focus more effectively.

Although meditation has been proven to help reduce anxiety, depression, and stress, the idea of achieving a meditative state can be daunting for some. That’s why Cal-a-Vie Health Spa (Vista, CA) is incorporating Muse, the brainwave-sensing headband, into biweekly classes to help guests master the fundamentals of meditation.

The lightweight, wearable headband uses electroencephalography (EGG) sensors to provide real-time feedback on brain activity during meditation. With the knowledge of what is happening in their heads as they meditate, participants are able to learn to regain focus when their minds wander. They’re also able to select from five soundscapes that decrease or intensify, depending on their brain activity. Users also have the ability to save sessions on a free companion app, available for iOS or Android, which graphs each session’s brainwaves and tracks progress with a point system in the user’s personal profile.

“Mindfulness and meditation have always been an important component of Cal-a-Vie’s program, but guests have to cultivate a lifestyle and habit around mindfulness to really benefit long term,” says dietitian and guest consultant May Tom. “This is where a partnership with Muse made sense. We feel that a wearable device, such as Muse, allows guests to take a portion of their Cal-a-Vie experience home with them.”


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