Janissa’s Spa at Spice Island Beach Resort (Grenada)

Though I’ve never had a taste for spices like allspice, cinnamon, and nutmeg, a visit earlier this year to Spice Island Beach Resort and Janissa’s Spa has me rethinking my preferred palette. An influx of island spa-goers agree. After a complete spa overhaul, which involved adding new treatment rooms, the debut of an alfresco relaxation area, and an expanded manicure and pedicure area; the family run spa has experienced a 40 percent increase in bookings and a 20 percent increase in profits. In Grenada, the recipe for spa success certainly includes spice. Here, general manager Brian G. Hardy and deputy managing director Janelle Hopkin share how Janissa’s Spa continues to entice spa-goers with its own brand of boutique bliss.


To what do you attribute the spa’s success over the years?

The success of Janissa’s Spa over the years is due to the fact that the spa is consistently tailoring to the needs of the clientele and keeping treatments and the physical structure of the spa up to date in keeping with that of a top class resort. Also, the spa’s continuous training of employees on treatments and product education are important factors.


What sort of changes did you incorporate into the spa with the renovation, and how has it changed the focus of the spa?

One of the changes to Janissa’s Spa was a double massage room, which has increased business for the honeymoon market and couples. The double manicure and pedicure station was also added, and it has seen the most increase in terms of business. This area caters to bridal parties and mother and daughter trips to the spa.


How do you attract new and repeat clients and encourage them to visit?

Repeat clientele return consistently due to consistency in treatments and employee retention. New clients visit the spa based on word-of-mouth, and the fact that Janissa’s Spa is the only spa in this caliber providing treatments and products on such a high level. Ultimately, word-of-mouth contributes to most new clients.


How do you keep the menu fresh and enticing?

The menu is based upon what is new on the market and also on the spa’s clientele and their specific needs, especially with the high percentage of repeat guests at the resort that frequent the spa and non-resident customers.


What are some of the most exciting new offerings that you’ve introduced at the spa?

Some of most exciting new offerings introduced to Janissa’s Spa include chocolate-enhanced treatments as well as the spa’s Bamboo Massage.


How does running a family-owned spa differ from a branded or corporate owned location?

Running a family-owned spa allows for an atmosphere where the employees are treated and feel like a part of the family, thus carrying this through to customers.  Janissa’s Spa has a very relaxed, at home atmosphere where there is a bit of old world charm and understated elegance. Our employees will personalize treatments and cater to all special requests.


How do you keep your staff motivated?

In order to keep staff motivated, Spice Island Beach Resort puts its employees first. There is continuous training and development, as well as a friendly atmosphere which transcends to all employees.


How do you make retail sales a priority among your staff?

The resort and the spa make retail sales a priority by offering continuous training on products to ensure a complete understanding. This allows for employees to pass their knowledge onto the customer.


What plans do you have for the future?

Janissa’s Spa plans to continue the ongoing training of employees and plans to enhance the spa menu to introduce new treatments.