Natura Bisse's Mindfulness Spa Experience

Wanting to create an innovative treatment that helps achieve overall wellbeing, Natura Bissé recently launched The Mindful Touch: Your Mindfulness Spa Experience (starting at $200, 60 minutes), a cutting-edge ritual performed in the brand’s exclusive Bubble Pure Air, which serves as the ideal atmosphere with 99.95 percent pure air to enhance a facial. In addition, the treatment is accompanied by an immersive virtual-reality video that stimulates mindfulness and creates a positive outlook. With audio that encourages spa-goers to focus on their breathing, the ritual helps them to tap into the physical nuances of the treatment, release tension, and reconnect with themselves. The revolutionary treatment will be available at The Spa at Bacara (Goleta, CA), The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village (CA), The Spa at Rancho Valencia (Rancho Santa Fe, CA), and Trellis Spa at The Houstonian (Houston). “Our mission as a brand is to create not just the most effective treatments but also unique wellness experiences far beyond skincare,” says Patricia Fisas, board member and director of innovation and product development for Natura Bissé. “That’s how The Mindful Touch was created, conceived as a true luxury beauty moment of connection between body and mind.”