The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands Partners with Bamford

Photo credit: The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands

The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands announced its latest programming and experiences available at the resort, and its partnership with renowned sustainable and holistic wellness brand Bamford for The Ritz-Carlton Spa. “When selecting partner for the spa, we placed a large emphasis on innovation and sustainability, both of which are key components of the Bamford brand,” says Mark Hehir, general manager of the resort. “We believe Bamford is the ideal partner to bring our guests on a one of kind wellness journey, unlike any other in the Maldives.”

Bamford will provide a full body and skincare treatment menu along with a variety of a bespoke Ritz-Carlton treatments and holistic experiences. Some signature treatments will include:

  • Bamford Ultimate Signature Treatment – Combines carefully targeted ancient techniques that nurture guests’ well-being. This fully immersive treatment starts with an Epsom salt foot bathing ritual to draw toxins from the body and allow it to absorb magnesium to help reduce inflammation. Japanese shiatsu massage is then used to open the body’s meridians and start to unblock the energy channels. Swedish massage targets areas of concern and releases specific points of tension, then a heated chakra stone is placed on the abdomen for a gentle abdominal massage to improve gut health. A face and Indian head massage calms the mind and increases circulation to improve scalp and hair condition. The treatment finishes with assisted yogic breathing to oxygenate and invigorate the body (90 minutes).
  • Bamford Full-Body Massage – This therapeutic signature massage uses a combination of shiatsu and deep-tissue techniques to increase circulation, soothe tight muscles, and strengthen areas of concern, leaving guests feeling restored and revived. Specific pressure points are targeted to help rebalance the body, relieve tension and encourage profound relaxation (60/90 minutes).
  • B Vibrant Treatment – A revitalizing experience to energies the body, awaken the senses and increases positivity. A refreshing foot bathing ritual followed by sound therapy, works to rebalance the energy channels. Gentle exfoliation, using a warm botanic sugar polish, rejuvenates the skin and increases circulation. Stimulating magma point, full-body and Indian head massage using cool, clarifying Citrine crystals, combines with soothing breath work, to focus the mind and leave the body relaxed yet invigorated (60 minutes).
  • De-Stress Massage – Focusing on the back of the body, this massage eases tense muscles and reduces stress levels, while restoring and realigning energy. The treatment starts with an Epsom salt foot bathing ritual to draw toxins from the body and allow it to absorb magnesium. Shiatsu pressure points along the body release tension and balance energy flow, followed by Swedish back and leg massage to help improve circulation. The treatment finishes with a relaxing reflex zone foot therapy (60/90 minutes).


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