Secrets From the Treatment Room: Group Therapy

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In this series, spa directors and industry experts share some of their most memorable spa experiences. Read more below:

In Hungary, I went to a traditional spa hospital/resort in the countryside in the spa town of Lake Heviz. There, myself and a colleague received a traditional Moor mud wrap. We were joined by about eight other ladies, mostly from Germany, in a room with 10 tables that were lit with natural light from high open windows. As we disrobed together and prepared to get on the table, my colleague and I were shocked to see that a male attendant had entered the room with five-kilo buckets of hot Moor mud. My friend was very modest and the look on her face was priceless, as her grew as big as saucers. Nonetheless, we had togo along with the routine, and I actually enjoyed being enveloped in the hot mud for about 20 minutes or so. When it was time to get up off the table, we were lead to a group shower and given a back brush. We then partnered up with another guest  and rinsed all the mud off with 'coaching advice' from our partner. Because I didn't speak German and my partner didn't speak English, we had a pretty hilarious time communicating. It was a very memorable experience and certainly nothing like an American Spa treatment with all the draping, dim lights, and soft spa music for sure!"–Janet Denyer, spa consultant


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