Shades of Wellness

(The Indigo Spa at Hilton Head Health (SC))

Indigo is a rich purplish-blue hue reminiscent of the shades of night sky and is a symbol of compassion, serenity, and inner peace. For those looking to discover those feelings and more, a visit to The Indigo Spa, the new relaxation haven at Hilton Head Health (SC), is a perfect way to color their wellness world.

The 4,000-square-foot, six-treatment-room spa is a refuge for guests who want to unplug and relax during their stay at the intensive weight-loss and wellness resort. Featuring a clean, crisp, contemporary design, the spa offers views of a lagoon and golf course. Along with gaining inspiration from the color itself, the spa was named after the indigo plant, which provides a dye for denim and was a sustaining crop for the island of Hilton Head in days past. The spa design features shades of amethyst, lavender, and white, as well as dark woods. Other highlights include artwork from environmental photographer Stephen Bullock and painted-steel artist Mike Elsass. Brazilian amethysts, natural crystals, citrine, and rose quartz, all from the acclaimed Breitstone Collection of crystals and stone, serve as Indigo’s accent pieces. The theme continues in the treatment rooms, which feature earth-toned sheets and bedding and purple table saddles by Comphy Co.; dark wood shoji paneled doors that allow light to pass through; local wood trays with purple Brazilian amethysts set on the tables; and a seven-foot natural Brazilian amethyst with a solid crystal heart that serves as the focal piece at the end of the treatment corridor.

Due to the fact that many clients of Hilton Head Health spend a week, and often longer, on property to achieve their weight-loss goals, the spa menu is extensive, with services performed by more than 15 staff members who are available for more than 60 treatments per day. To accommodate guests, who can use their daily resort credits at the spa, the menu features something for everyone, including an assortment of facials; myriad massage and body services; a number of revitalizing rituals; and a full range of salon, makeup, and nailcare services. There is also a specific range of services that cater to men, with offerings like the Tobacco & Coffee Scrub ($180, 80 minutes) and the Arnica Sore Muscle Deep Tissue Massage ($140, 50 minutes). Plus, guests can partake in a Spa-In series of services for the face and body, where multiple treatments are offered over extended periods of time to help enhance the efficacy. “Hilton Head Health’s successful weight-loss program helps transition guests to a healthy lifestyle, and along their journey, successful weight loss is gained and maintained,” says CEO Michael G. Tompkins. “The Indigo Spa menu offers services that aid in the weight-loss process using a multitude of massage techniques, products, and lymphatic drainage.” 

But it’s not just guests who can enjoy the spa. Locals are also encouraged to partake in services and are enticed with a 20 percent discount for their first treatment, a promotion that is just part of the push to garner clients from the surrounding area. “Our biggest challenge is being new to the market and letting locals know we are here,” says Tompkins. “Currently, we are marketing in several different ways to make them aware of our new brand.”

And the brand truly is all encompassing, which is something that helps Hilton Head Health stand out among the crowded wellness landscape. Beyond the spa, comprehensive fitness and culinary options are available. Group fitness classes and personal training sessions are paired with a variety of outdoor adventure opportunities that take advantage of South Carolina’s coastal Low Country surroundings. “From kayaking to paddleboarding, biking to beach yoga, the adventures are almost endless in taking in the outdoors,” says Tompkins. “We have local tours of historic places in South Carolina, nature walks, outdoor beach activities, and more than 95 walking and biking trails on the 12-mile island.” 

An ongoing series of lectures to help guests achieve and maintain their weight-loss goals are also available, as is a healthy kitchen that offers a variety of cooking classes. “We also take our guests to farmers markets, restaurants, and supermarkets to assist in making smart choices when they depart for home,” says Tompkins.

Though the spa itself is now smoothly up and running, Hilton Head Health’s evolution is far from over. The property’s boutique is currently under renovation and will reopen this summer with products found locally and sourced both nationally and internationally from McStack Retail Development. Also on tap is the 2016 debut of the Inn at Hilton Head, as well as brand extensions that will include books and other lifestyle-enhancing products. But the spa will always be an important part of the process. “We have been blessed in that our business is based on weight loss at a time when American obesity is a pandemic and international obesity is an epidemic,” says Tompkins. “Having a client base seeking something beyond the spa experience and transitioning them to positive lifestyle changes that include spa has been seamless.”

Owner: John Schmitz

CEO: Michael G. Tompkins

Spa Director:
Kelly Perron

February 2015


80% female

20% male


4,000 square feet; 6 treatment rooms


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Daniel Ogden (Bluffton, SC)


Jane Segerberg (St. Simon’s Island, GA)