Six Senses Ibiza Debuts RoseBar, a Longevity Club

Six Senses Ibiza, located on the island’s northern Xarraca Bay has debuted RoseBar, a one-of-a-kind longevity club, that blends the powers of science and spiritual wellbeing to enhance human health and lengthen lifespan. RoseBar programs give guests insights, tools and a plan to reverse aging processes and achieve long-term wellbeing by enhancing the body’s natural repair systems and activating biological pathways. All in the beautiful, life enhancing setting of Six Senses Ibiza.

The RoseBar advisory board spans across a broad spectrum of expertise and experience, bringing together the latest expertize in longevity and functional medicine with long held spiritual wisdom. Together they represent a progressive force at the vanguard of this new science with Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mark Hyman at the helm. Other notable experts include Medical Anthropologist and Neuroscientist Dr. Matthew Cooke, a member of the Peptide Therapy fellowship faculty at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Dr. Tamsin Lewis and Anna Bjurstam, a Six Senses Wellness Pioneer.

Located in the heart of Six Senses Ibiza, known for its overarching mission of offering luxurious and sustainably rooted accommodations and experiences, RoseBar introduces longevity with a medical-grade realm of personalized longevity treatments. “We typically overestimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what we can do in a year,” says Dr. Mark Hyman, functional medicine expert and Chief Medical Officer. “It only takes one small step to work your way towards a healthier life and these new offerings at RoseBar are designed to help guests build the confidence they need to embark on that journey.” 

Infrared Sauna
(Six Senses Ibiza)

The new longevity club expands over 5,000 square feet and combines the best available sciences with practices designed to find inner peace and tranquility, enhancing one’s mind, body and spirit. The state-of-the-art equipment and treatments include Full Body Cryotherapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, IV Infusions, Biohacking, Regenerative Ozone Therapy, Red Light Therapy, Infrared Sauna, Cold Plunge, Advanced Diagnostics, Functional Medicine consultations, Shamanic Healing, Somatic Therapy, Energy Medicine as part of one's Personalized Longevity Programs with a Doctor, Nutritionist and Health Coach.

Incorporating extensive diagnostic testing and personalized programs, RoseBar will give you the insight and knowledge you need to restore, regenerate, and transform your health span.

RoseBar offers a series of longevity programs that address immunity, rejuvenation, optimization, renewal, and spiritual wisdom. RoseBar longevity programs are three and seven days with a comprehensive annual membership which will keep you on the right path with regular diagnostics.

Young Forever Retreat with Dr. Mark Hyman

From June12-18, health enthusiasts are invited on a journey toward expanded health and longevity. This transformative retreat will be led by Dr. Mark Hyman, supported by RoseBar. 

The Young Forever Longevity Retreat is a deeply experiential, educational immersive experience. The program is based on his bestselling guidebook on extending both your health span and your lifespan. Utilizing food as medicine, exercise, lifestyle practices and RoseBar’s biohacking and regenerative therapies Dr. Hyman will guide you in activating your body’s longevity switches leaving guests renewed and perhaps just a few years biologically younger.

The retreat will feature daily organic anti-inflammatory meals focused on food-as-medicine and regenerative therapeutics. The daily program is designed to activate your innate longevity switches and healing system with food, exercise, yoga, bodywork, cryotherapy, saunas, nutritional IV’s, hyperbaric oxygen, hypoxia treatments and ozone therapy all employed to help you reverse your biological age. Dr. Hyman will present daily seminars on unpacking the latest science of health and wellness, biohacking, and longevity. You will emerge from the program feeling physically, emotionally, and spiritually transformed with the knowledge and tools to lead a long healthy life.

Six Senses Ibiza Wellness Offerings

Enhancing the resort’s existing wellness programming, which includes daily activities (yoga, meditation, fitness, sound healing, breathwork, cacao ceremonies, and more), spa treatments, personal wellness screenings, multi-day wellness programs and group retreats with international experts, the launch of RoseBar will further cement Six Senses Ibiza as a wellness destination.