Skincare Experts Suggest How To Add Flowers To The Spa Experience

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As beauty and wellness go hand and hand, flowers are naturally the perfect addition to any spa setting, because they offer benefits to the mind, body, and soul. “Besides the fact that flowers stimulate our senses of sight and smell, many flowers are also rich in nutrients and have more proven therapeutic properties,” says Szilvia Hickman, owner of Szép Élet, exclusive distributor of Ilike Organic Skin Care. “As spas are all about wellness and healing, it only makes sense to incorporate flowers that even our ancestors often used.” Find out how these skincare experts suggest adding flowers to today’s spa experience.

“Flower oils can be expensive, so they are great for facial treatments and have the added ability to transform people’s moods and state of mind. Flower oils can be added to facial oils, serums, masks, and compresses. Floral waters make great toners, cleansers, makeup setters, and rehydration mists. Misted into the air, they can fill the treatment room with a refreshing, calming, or uplifting scent.” — Nick James, founder, Body Bliss

“Flowers can be used throughout a client’s entire spa experience. Fresh flowers at the reception desk and throughout the spa help improve the ambience of any space, taking your client on a sensory journey. Then, in the treatment room, floral-based products enhance relaxation and results thanks to their wide range of benefits from brightening to purifying to plumping and more.” — Angela Eriksen-Stanley, director of education, Phytomer Group Brands

“Flowers can be infused in drinking water and sprinkled in foot, hand, and body soaking tubs, not only because of their beautiful appearance but also for their fragrant aroma and potent soothing and antioxidant botanical extracts they release when submerged and infused into warm water. Flower oils and extracts can also be massaged into the skin to either boost the effects of therapeutic treatments or enrich their sensory appeal.” — Ashley Stowers, national educator, YG Laboratories and CelleClé Skincare

“Flower essences and fragrances have the ability to incite positive emotions, so diffusing them throughout the spa can go a long way toward making guests want to return. Knowing the effect of each flower’s scent allows you to be strategic with where you put each scent throughout the spa.” — Brian Goodwin, international educator, Éminence Organic Skin Care

“Infused into massage oils, anointing oils, and bath soaks, flower remedies are the energetic aspects of flowers that work within the body’s meridian system to create balance and evoke positive states of mind. When a spa has access to a garden, therapists or spa-goers can pick fresh flowers and infuse them into water by leaving them out in the sunlight. This floral water can be added to baths for mood-enhancing benefits.” — Katie Hess, founder, Lotus Wei