A Spa Grows in Brooklyn at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

The iconic New York City skyline sets the scene for 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge.  (No)

While Brooklyn has catapulted to being one of New York City’s most coveted boroughs, it still can’t compete for Manhattan’s title as the ultimate spa destination. However, the new Bamford Haybarn Spa at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge certainly gives spa-goers another reason to cross the bridge. Founded by Carole Bamford, the Britain-based brand is rooted in nature, sustainability, and holistic living, much like the 1 Hotel, which shares its commitment to incorporating local design, native greenery, and reclaimed materials. It is the second Bamford Spa in the U.S., with the first debuting in South Beach, FL, in 2016. “As both Bamford and 1 Hotels have a shared vision of sustainability and taking care of the planet, the spa’s design—inspired from traditional haybarns—aligns with the natural, evergreen hotel above the spa,” says spa director Rose Brenkus. “Transporting guests to the Cotswolds of England, the spa features hand-carved wooden doors, rustic branch shelves, two full-length tree trunks in the reception area and treatment corridor, and bundles of natural willow on display.” 

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Not to be outshined by the inviting and thoughtful design, the menu also adds to the spa’s sustainability story with its exclusive use of the Bamford line of skincare and bodycare products, which meets the highest standard of organic certification from the UK’s Soil Association, a stricter standard than measured in the U.S. According to Brenkus, it provides peace of mind, as guests know exactly what is being put on their bodies. As for the treatment menu, highlights include the Bamford Bespoke Facial ($165, 50 minutes), a customized service that incorporates hot and cold jade stones and ancient yogic breathing techniques to encourage deep relaxation; and the Bamford Signature Treatment ($245, 80 minutes), which begins with a cleansing foot bath followed by a shiatsu, meridian, and Swedish massage, reflexology, and assisted yogic breathing.

Men are given a warm welcome with a menu all their own. “Catering to the rising number of male spa-goers, we offer a Bamford Grooming Department menu, which includes highly specialized treatments formulated specifically for men’s skin,” says Brenkus. For example, the BGD Edition 1 Signature Treatment ($245, 80 minutes), created for the modern active man, features a combination of traditional Japanese massage, Swedish massage, hot-stone therapy, an acupressure facial, and reflexology. It’s designed to relieve over-tired muscles and pain, reduce stress, and promote deep relaxation. Other BGD treatments include the Bamford Recover Treatment ($175, 50 minutes; $235, 80 minutes), the Bamford Deep Tissue Massage ($175, 50 minutes; $240, 80 minutes), and the Bamford Men’s Facial ($160, 50 minutes).  

The spa's nature-inspired reception area.​​​​

With 21 employees on staff, seven of whom are full-time, the spa is able to accommodate approximately 90 guests each day. Retail is an enticing draw thanks to the spa boutique’s selection of Bamford skincare, fragrance, and home products. Guests can also find Bamford’s clothing collection, which is designed to complement a wellness lifestyle with its soft jersey fabrics. “Our guests are loving our retail, and even guests who simply walk in to browse our selection love the offerings,” says Brenkus. According to her, the Bamford brand is garnering quite a bit of brand recognition. It’s an exclusive offering for the spa, as the brand can only be purchased at the two spas in the U.S. and through the UK website. 

The spa also features an area that can be reserved for private parties.

Because the spa only just opened its doors in November, Brenkus and her staff are determined to get the word out. “Our biggest focus right now is simply letting people know we are here, and we are ready for them,” she says. Looking to the future, Brenkus plans to grow the local market. “We truly have something to offer that no one else does,” she says. “Our facility is beautiful, the team is experienced and well trained, and the products are effective. The whole experience is one to be had.” The fact that it subscribes to a sustainable and organic philosophy is sure to resonate with urban dwellers in need of a nature fix. 


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