Spring Encourages the Use of More Flower-Based Products and Treatments

kotina/iStock / Getty Images Plus

For many, the sight of blooming flowers is an instant mood booster. It’s often the first hint of spring, which means warm weather and brighter (and longer) days are ahead. According to research conducted at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, the presence of flowers often triggers happy emotions, increases feelings of life satisfaction, and positively affects social behavior. What’s more, flowers also provide the skin with a host of benefits. In fact, flowers have long been used as a way to help calm and soothe skin and treat various skincare issues. “Fragrant floral extracts have been used in ancient civilizations and by many traditional cultures as a way to heal common beauty ailments,” says Jaklin Idris, assistant vice president of education for Decléor Paris. “Their restorative powers, complex scientific makeup, and sensorial maturity remain superior to other ingredients. What we see today as a trend in spas is a rediscovery of old wisdom and romance.”

The use of lavender, for example, dates back thousands of years to when fresh lavender was added to baths to provide an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect on the mind and body. Today, lavender, as well as many other flowers, are added to skincare treatments and products for these same benefits. “The use of gentle, natural solutions that are sustainable and non-toxic to both user and environment have been gaining ground consistently over recent years,” says Nick James, founder of Body Bliss. “The use of floral extracts, like other aromatherapy modalities, has the added benefit of supporting positive mental and emotional states at the same time as acting to repair, revitalize, or protect the skin. Flowers tend to produce many of the most gentle essential oils, making them ideal for facial therapies, and their scents tend to have effects that range from sedative and deeply calming, to uplifting and confidence-boosting.”