Three Blending Bar Options Your Clients will Love

Blending bars are a unique way to give your clients a hands on experience. // Photography courtesy of Salt of the Earth

Although spas are incorporating aromatherapy in many different aspects of the spa experience, one way that many are helping clients become more aware of the scents around them and how they can benefit their minds and bodies is by setting up a blending bar to allow them to customize their own scent to be used during their time at the spa. Here are some blending bar options available today: 

Body Bliss’s Aroma Design Bar is a portable system that allows you to help guests create their own aromatherapy blends. It can be set up anywhere—a treatment room, a relaxation area, a retail store, a patio, or a conference room—and it provides a custom experience for guests. It requires the use of the Intentional Aromatherapy App for iPad, which is a simple, fun, and educational way for guests to explore, choose, and create aromatherapy blends. Says Body Bliss’s Nick James, “This approach has unlocked the power of aromatherapy, and changed it from a complex and slightly arcane wisdom into something that can benefit and enthrall everybody.” 

The Salt of the Earth Blend Bar lets spas create custom products for their clients. After a special bowl is secured onto the jar, natural ingredients and hand-picked scents are mixed together to create a custom scent. The company also offers the Blend Box, which allows spas to create scrubs, creams, and lotions in their clients’ favorite scents, each with a shot of thermal powder, hyaluronic acid, or anti-aging serum and a full-size jar to take home. 


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Tara Spa Therapy’s comprehensive personalized blending program allows therapists to customize a formula for their clients and have access to safe, tried-and-true remedies, so they don’t need extensive training to create custom formulas. The bar includes 21 of the classic essentials on a wood rack with more than 35 recipe cards that address physical, emotional, hormonal, sleep, and other common health concerns that many spa-goers face. The recipes make enough oil to use for a full-body massage, and also gift the client with a one-ounce bottle for them to maintain or extend the health benefits.  


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