Villa Stéphanie Introduces a New 10-Day Health Program

Villa Stéphanie, Baden Baden is the ultimate place for recuperative, preventative healthcare, alongside innovative spa treatments in peaceful surroundings. Part of Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa, Villa Stéphanie is a ‘House of Wellbeing’, covering medical, emotional, detox, fitness, and beauty. With just 12 rooms and three suites, the spa and medical clinic offers total exclusivity and privacy, and a highly bespoke, boutique health and wellbeing experience. Medical care is overseen by the esteemed Dr. König, whose practice focuses chiefly on holistic naturopathic medicine while adopting a spectrum of traditional and modern diagnostic techniques, to curate truly 360° programs and a deep dive into one’s wellbeing. 

A new 10-day preventative and restorative health program, Ultimate Medical Health, features a full internal body scan and comprehensive tests, as well as a medical history assessment—a thorough evaluation to outline possible concerns and future health goals; a clinical examination—to investigate one’s overall health condition; a laboratory analysis—including blood count, organ function, metabolism assessment, vital nutrient levels, hormone screening, urine analysis and immunological stool analysis; ultrasound diagnostics—including examinations of the abdomen, thyroid, arteries and veins; a heart examination—a cardiac exam consisting of stress ECG and ultrasound to evaluate one’s cardiovascular health.

This is followed by urological/genealogical preventative screenings, an orthopaedic consultation, full-body MRI, comprehensive dental check, skin cancer screening, genetic testing for genetic health analysis, and a Gastroscopy/Colonoscopy to check the gastrointestinal system. Additionally, the following wellbeing treatments are included: three individualized infusions, two relaxation treatments with sound bath meditations and acupuncture, two Colon Hydro irrigations—used to empty and clean the intestines, supporting the detoxification of the body and activating the metabolism—two Ozone treatments—strengthening the body's defenses by optimizing the oxygen transportation in the blood bodies—a Physiotherapeautical examination, and two sessions of physiotherapy, medical training therapy and lymphatic drainage.

Following these intensive medical examinations, guests will have a personalized exit consultation with one of the senior medical team to thoroughly review results, ensuring a broad understanding of one’s health, and to discuss the tailored recommendations and tools to maintain and build upon wellness at home. This personalized approach aligns with Villa Stéphanie’s commitment to providing long-term results for those seeking a combination of medical expertise, spa treatments, and a focus on overall health in a deeply restorative, glamorous, and serene setting.