PipelessTM hydrotherapy bath technology ensures greatest protection from dangerous bacteria buildup that can cause life-threatening infections

SpaTrade, the leading source of spa business information, announced today that it is endorsing SANIJET's pipeless hydrotherapy products and technology for use at day spas, destination spas, and medical spas. This is the first time ever that SpaTrade has endorsed a particular product or manufacturer. SpaTrade's management feels strongly that SANIJET's technology solves serious and growing problems facing spa operators with respect to hydrotherapy services: equipment sanitation, maintenance expense, client safety and environmental impact.

Traditional piped systems on whirlpool baths and pedicure spas in common usage today can harbor dangerous bacterial and fungal microbes that can cause skin lesions, respiratory infections and other illnesses. A case in point is an outbreak of skin infections on the feet and legs of over 100 women from using pedicure spas in a Watsonville, California salon in 2000. Further proof of the unsanitary nature of piped systems lies in testing conducted at Texas A&M University in 1999, where 100% of water samples taken from piped whirlpool baths and air bubbler tubs from locations throughout the United States tested positive for various types of infectious bacteria and fungus. "Although there is a growing demand for hydrotherapy services among spa clientele, sanitation problems associated with conventional piped systems pose huge problems for spa operators; they are putting their clients' health at risk of bacterial infection, not to mention their own livelihoods because of the potential for legal liability and adverse public relations," says Nancy Griffin, CEO of SpaTrade.

Conventional piped systems do not fully drain; tiny pockets and beads of water can remain trapped inside the system. Residue builds up within the piping that is inaccessible for inspection and hand cleaning. Circulation of cleaners through the system, if the technician even bothers to do it, will often fail to completely remove layers of residue build-up and effectively sanitize the system. To combat the problem without sacrificing the soothing luxury of hydromassage, SANIJET developed a pipeless system. Unlike piped and air tub systems, every component of SANIJET's pipeless system that makes contact with water can be visibly inspected and cleaned by hand quickly without tools.

To back up its claims of cleanability, SANIJET submitted it's pipeless system for testing by NSF International ( NSF is an independent not-for-profit organization widely recognized for its scientific and technical expertise in the health and environmental sciences, primarily dealing with water, food, and air quality. The testing involved a variety of infectious bacteria, including e-coli, as well as disease-causing yeast and fungus, to simulate exaggerated unsanitary bathing conditions for 7 consecutive days. On the seventh day, the jets were hand-cleaned using an off-the-shelf non-abrasive antibacterial cleaner (Lysol), rinsed, and sterile water was circulated for 5 minutes and then tested. The results confirmed that one can completely clean and disinfect SANIJET's pipeless circulation system. No other hydromassage system but SANIJET's has ever been certified for cleanliness by NSF.

Another major concern is the sheer cost of trying to maintain piped hydrotherapy units. The fill-and-circulate procedure typically recommended by piped whirlpool tub manufacturer's takes over a hundred gallons of water on average, not to mention expensive cleaning chemicals. "One major day spa owner told me that they spend over $150,000 per year just on cleaning their hydrotherapy tubs," says Griffin. Even at that, scientific evidence and scores of reports by whirlpool tub owners shows that the process is often ineffective. According to Griffin, "the beauty of SANIJET's pipeless system lies in how fast, easily and inexpensively the operator can clean it. Operators can quickly remove and take the jets apart by hand, inspect and clean all surfaces, and reinstall them without filling the tub with any water. The jets can also be cleaned in a dishwasher and spare jets are available at a reasonable price."

SpaTrade's endorsement of the SANIJET system, which requires little or no water for cleaning after use, contributes to their support of the "Healing the Waters" project — a group of concerned spa operators searching to find sustainable alternatives in the spa environment.

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About SANIJET Corporation
SANIJET Corporation was established in 1993 to develop a pipeless whirlpool bath circulation system to replace the pipes and air channels in conventional piped whirlpool baths and air tubs. Seven years of intensive engineering and testing has culminated in our patented pipeless system that provides consumers the cleanest, safest, and most technologically advanced whirlpool bath in the world. SANIJET's state-of-the-art headquarters reflect our fundamental commitment to quality. Utilizing 85,000 square feet of modern manufacturing space, SANIJET is well positioned for rapid growth to meet demand.