SpaTrade's latest poll asking "Which position in the spa is most difficult to fill?," lends credence to the industry-wide belief that spa directors are in short supply. Of the 350 spa professionals who participated in the poll, 34% claimed that the most difficult position to fill at a spa is that of the Spa Director. The business management, customer service, and technical skills needed in a successful Spa Director and the influx of new spas is causing a disturbing lack of qualified prospects.

The poll shows that the more training a position requires, the more difficult it is to fill. The study shows that Spa Attendants are relatively easy positions to fill, with only 8% of participants choosing the position as the most difficult to fill. Massage therapists received 13% of the vote, while aestheticians and nail technicians were 22% and 23% respectively. These positions ranked 2nd and 3rd behind Spa Directors as the hardest positions to fill. Perhaps the more established massage school system has filled the pipeline with more qualified prospects than aesthetics schools. (However a recent poll on revealed that 50% of massage therapists found their training to be inadequate.)