Studies show that a solid, well thought out public relations campaign is usually ranked as one of the top strategic initiatives for building a business, and SpaTrade's member survey showed this is true for our industry, too. We've been busy over the holidays putting together a new Special Report on Spa PR Essentials that you can use to build visibility and credibility, and get your spa business into the media. The report features info that's available nowhere else, specifically geared to YOUR needs. Here's a little preview of what we're covering — and a request for your PR success stories, too:

Because the SpaTrade staff talks to so many different types of spa businesses each month, we realized that most spa businesses know the power of public relations to help grow their businesses — yet there's a lot of confusion on how to do PR well. So we decided to talk to all the experts on spa PR — the journalists who focus on this industry, the leading spa PR consultants, and spa business owners who "get it" about how to plan and execute a killer PR campaign. We've packaged that info into a report that's chock full of spa-specific tactics and behind-the-scenes information.

1. Detailed info on the top 30 magazines that cover the spa industry, plus how to pitch to local and national television, radio and newspapers, too.

2. How to find, hire, and compensate a spa PR firm or consultant — plus contact info for the firms that focus on the spa marketplace.

3. The 5 essential elements of a Spa PR program, with a review of the best tactics at your disposal.

4. Information on the right — and wrong! — way to offer free products and treatments to journalists, including "samples" and "FAM (familiarization) trips."

5. How to use your Web site as a PR weapon — and how to build an "online press room" that the media will love.

6. Ten ways to establish yourself as a spa industry expert — locally or nationally.

7. Plus dozens of low-cost, high-impact ways to get the media to pay attention to you and cover your story.

The report will be available this month from SpaTrade, at

We're looking for more spa PR success stories to include in our report — so if you have a PR story to share, please send it along to [email protected] If we include your tactic in this upcoming SpaTrade report, you'll receive a special gift from SpaTrade.