Over 300 SpaTrade members registered for Holly Stiel and Peggy Wynne Borgman's webinar Sales With Soul. Comments from attendees were a good indication that web-based seminars will become increasingly popular. Kim Boss, brand specialist for Universal Companies wrote in: "Holly and Peggy were fantastic! The Power Point slides really put this webinar head and shoulders above other teleconferences I have attended in the past." Another attendee commented: "The webinar was great! I have been present at a couple of Peggy's live presentations and this was just like being there! Great information, very insightful."

The first of a two-part series, this webinar focused on the first three of seven key service steps that drive optimum loyalty, referrals, and sales:

1. Open the Door with Rapport
2. Find out Where it Hurts
3. Be the Expert You Are

Insights include:

- The mindset that creates a great customer service experience is the same mindset that produces great sales.

- You actually make your customers happier by giving customer service like a marketer! When we're wearing our marketing hat, we're thinking about providing maximum value to the guest. This creates a loyal client, not just a satisfied client.

- A more personalized approach to sales and service, along with a specific invitation to return, ensures that the guest is going to receive the maximum benefit from their therapy.

- Our guests come to the spa for a reason. They're spending discretionary time and money with us. There's a VERY good reason they're here. Understanding their motivation enables you to create the most value for them.

- What we have to do is look underneath the business needs to the human needs. The four things we all need to be are...

1. Heard (asking questions/ empathic listening)
2. Acknowledged (open the door with rapport)
3. Remembered (if I've ever been there before, show you know; if we've just started, make sure I know you're paying attention to what I wrote on my profile.)
4. Respected (people are spending their discretionary time and money)

- We're problem solving, not filling orders!

Applying these first three processes consistently will reap significant reward in sales, as well as customer satisfaction. Don't miss the next Sales With Soul webinar on September 13th that will complete the entire process. Look for an email next week with registration details.

About Peggy Wynne Borgman

Peggy Wynne Borgman is the CEO of Preston Wynne, Inc. and the director of two Preston Wynne spas. Ms. Borgman is a principal consultant and seminar leader for Preston Wynne Success Systems, which began offering business-to-business services to the spa industry in 1994. Clients of the consulting division have included Hyatt Hotels, Estee Lauder, LPG America, the Peninsula Hotel Group, Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spas, and Gold's Gym.

Ms. Borgman's groundbreaking Spa Director's Management Intensive and Real World Spa Startup Workshop draw participants from all over the world. PWSS programs are now offered in the US and Asia, and have inspired a host of imitators. Her commentary on the spa industry has been featured in USA Today and Time magazine. She is a member of the board of directors for Next Door Solutions, a domestic violence agency in Santa Clara, California, where she created the Healing Touch Project to enable women form the agency's shelter to experience spa treatments.

About Holly Stiel

Holly Stiel, M.A. is a pioneer in the field of customer service. Twenty five years ago, she walked into the international convention of Les Clefs d'Or in Vienna as the first American woman admitted to the exclusive international concierges' association. In 2004 Stiel was presented an honorary membership for her lifetime of service to the profession.

Stiel single-handedly started the concierge department at San Francisco's Grand Hyatt, and was the chief concierge for 17 years. Her leadership served as the model throughout the Hyatt corporation. Holly Stiel's company Stiel Media, LLC developed the customer service training program for 1500 Hampton Inns and Hilton Garden Inns delivered on state of the art, interactive DVD. Other clients include: Bellagio Hotel & Resort, Bank of America, Hilton Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, Disneyland, Nordstrom, Loews Hotels, Marriott Hotels, MGM- Las Vegas, Nortel, Premier Resorts, Advanced Micro Devices, Sheraton Hotels, Sonesta Int. Hotels & Westin Hotels & Resorts.

Stiel's company has produced three comprehensive customer service DVD training products: The Neon Signs of Service, Taking the High Road of Service and Concierge Express. Stiel is also the author of 3 books on customer service. Ultimate Service, The Complete Handbook to the World of the Concierge, considered to be the definitive work on this topic. Thank You Very Much- A Book For Anyone Who Has Ever Said, "May I Help You?" and her most recent book, The Neon Signs of Service Getting to the Heart of the Matter in Customer Service.