The Age of Wellness 2.0 & elevating the Guest Experience

We are living in the next iteration of the age of Wellness. An era defined by the general awareness and need for pro-active lifestyle choices, and long-term benefits, with change in people’s lives leading to better health spans.  Consumers want experiences that go beyond ordinary limits and move to personal transformation for sustained positive impact in their quality of life and healthy aging.

Delivering value to today’s wellness guests requires integrating products and services in new ways. Elevating the guest experience means looking at it from a fresh perspective, and in a way that captivates the senses while nurturing the mind, body, and soul. Providing immersive experiences that deliver a multi-layered approach, and results that provide evidence-based value is now a must.


A fresh perspective

Integrating Mind/Body Wellness technologies into the spa & wellness business model provides a unique opportunity for owners and operators to bring innovation, efficiencies and increased ROI into their menus and guest journeys, while staying true to their unique concepts, or USPs

Examining the ever-increasing need for wellness lifestyle choices, self-care, and the evolution of the spa and wellness offering means re-thinking current assumptions in the current models, creativity and looking at the key mega-trends that are defining the direction of wellness, especially Mind/Body technologies that are at the heart of this new consumer demand and industry evolution.


METAWELL- Unlocking the possibilities in this new era of Wellness

METAWELL is the new brand name of the Gharieni Group’s collection of Mind & Body technology beds, loungers & equipment. All of these have been created by translating the wellbeing principles of sound, vibration, light, touch, water, and others into creating unique Wellness treatment experiences. Each technology is a modern representation of established ancient modalities delivered with evidence-based benefits to the wellness seeker.

This fusion of traditional healing practices harnessing the power of the latest science into technology can now deliver treatments that introduce, accelerate and elevate traditional treatments. This integration is delivered to the guest with ease and efficacy for a true 21st century Wellbeing experience.


What’s on offer?

Mind Body Wellness Technologies provide a unique opportunity for owners and operators to bring immersive experiences, and value to their treatment and experience menus – with real outcome-based value. This new approach to Spa and Wellness experiences is the next level leading towards immersive Wellness that delivers long-term change and a big impact in peoples’ lives – combined with greater revenue streaming potential, and a deeper richness to any concept.

The essence of this approach targets the delivery of the best possible guest experience. It starts with the meticulous design of our beds, which are not only exceptionally comfortable and luxurious, but are also ergonomically designed to benefit both the guest and the service provider. Technology applies the outcome-based wellness, now being combined with assessments, and real-time feedback on the effects of these Mind/Body technologies-based treatments. Membership, stacked or layered treatment options, precision wellness models and radical new applications of traditional wellness with the power of the Metawell collection are beginning to re-shape the Wellness landscape. Bringing these elevated beds, loungers and equipment can positively elevate not just the guest outcome, but the bottom-line of any business.

Touchless Treatments & more

METAWELL provides standalone touchless treatments (alleviating therapist time and addressing staffing shortages) and opens up the possibility for hybrid offerings, utilizing groundbreaking wellness technologies which gives operators a unique edge to elevate and accelerate an abundance of benefits, and deliver a truly enriching and impactful spa and wellness experience.

Embracing this new understanding means combining traditional treatments from ancient healing traditions like TCM, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga, and TAIM, with Mind/Body Wellness technologies. This fusion creates multi-layered wellness treatment experiences that complement each other.

Examples of this could include combining Far-infrared with Ayurvedic Udwarthanam for detox, using Red-light treatment for healthy aging alongside Tai Chi or Qi Gong, pairing targeted vibro-acoustics with meditation for stress management, and integrating intermittent-vacuum technology for aesthetics and beauty regimens.

A win-win-win for everyone

METAWELL’s expanding product range is founded on evidence, empowering guests with preventative measures against chronic diseases, promoting a health span approach which includes mental wellbeing, and the many dimensions of Wellness delivered with a multi-layered value proposition to the end consumer, and results in great ROI for our partners.

This means the guest gets exponential value for their Wellness spend, the business owner gets higher yields for their equipment spend, and the industry gets infused with continued innovation and evolution – all leading to a dynamic wellness landscape that will continue to delight and inspire the consumer and the industry – a powerful triple win! The METAWELL brand promise delivers on all these fronts.

Wellness Benefits of Mind Body Wellness Technologies

  • Support immune system function
  • Detox and restore
  • Health span optimization & longevity support
  • Recovery
  • Self-Care
  • Mental Fitness
  • Enhanced touch treatments
  • Immersive experiences
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