Cellulite: It’s Not You, It’s Biology

Cellulite: It’s Not You, It’s Biology

It’s not something any woman really wants to discuss – or even think about for that matter. Cellulite is just a fact of life for many women.  Many women struggle, assuming they need an excessive amount of exercise or some crazy diet to eliminate cellulite, especially during the New Year’s Resolution time of year.

Ah yes, we just started a new calendar, it’s January and so many will be thinking about the possibilities of a new year! There is the inevitable list of New Year’s resolutions that everyone will be formulating. 

New Year – New Thighs

So many people use their New Year’s resolutions as an opportunity to improve their lives, change their habits or improve their health. The usual suspects on so many women’s resolution lists are: save more, spend less, shape up or slim down. 

It’s Not You, It’s Biology

You may not need to focus so much on losing weight because having cellulite doesn’t mean you’re over weight.  It doesn’t mean you have poor eating habits.  It’s just a biological phenomenon based on the construction of a woman’s body. So, you may not need to start counting calories in 2019! 

It’s a matter of anatomy & physiology. 

Women have crisscross shaped elastin fibers in the body called fascia. The appearance of cellulite is simply adipose tissue aka body fat bulging through those fibers. 

Want to get rid of cellulite?  There’s a 2-part fix.

1.  Expel all fluid in the fat cell and shrink the fat cell.

2.  Firm and tighten the skin.

PFB Vanish’s Solution to Cellulite

We created Skini Cream a remarkable anti-cellulite cream that is infused with caffeine and Marine plankton. These two active ingredients increase circulation and help to expel fluid from the fat cells allowing it to shrink in size.

Next, Skini Cream is filled with antioxidant rich, nourishing, natural hydrating emollients that help to firm and tighten skin. Skin that is more firm and tight will hold fat cells in place behind the crisscross fascia, thus preventing that typical “lumpy, orange peel” appearance. 

Remarkable Results in 8 Days

PFB Vanish authorized retailer Trin Spa Skin & Wellness obtained before and after images of a client who used Skini Cream for just 8 days. 

While these results may not be typical for everyone, this client used Skini Cream 5 times in 8 days. Once in the morning and massaged it in for a minute. She had not started working out yet during this period.


Results from 5 applications in 8 days

Your Clients Will Feel It Working

You can help clients achieve amazing results too!  The best part about Skini Cream is that your clients can feel it working. There is a tingling, warming sensation when Skini Cream is applied. This sensation is induced by caffeine, which is creating an increase in the body’s function to help expel fluids to shrink the fat cells. 

As we enter the New Year, help your clients fight the cellulite battle so they can find thighs they love and look forward to a wonderful swimsuit season this summer. Skini Cream is an amazing product to sell in your spa, salon or medical practice to help your clients. 

This article was created in collaboration with the sponsoring company and our sales and marketing team. The editorial team does not contribute.