Create A Compelling Body Service Menu To Maximize Sales, Increase, and Attract Revenue

(Create a Compelling Body Service Menu to Maximize Sales, Increase Revenue and Attract)

Breathe New life into your Body Treatment Menu

How can you know which body treatments you should include on your menu?

Easy, think about your clients.

Where are they from? Where do they travel to?  Where do most of them dream of going? 

Clients who are well travelled, will ultimately have higher expectations.  A “body scrub” on your menu sounds about as appealing as “face wash”.

Your menu should have titles and descriptions that pique the client’s interest. For Example; Sensations Orientales or Indonesie Ancestrale. 

Consider dry room only treatments to increase bookings and have more available resources to accommodate your guests.  In addition, focus more on quality treatments instead of quantity. Some menus offer so many options that clients may find it easier to book a Swedish massage instead of a body treatment.

Choose an experienced luxury brand with a variety of signature body treatments to choose from. A brand that offers training and education for you and your team. 

Ritual Recommendations:

Transport them to the Orient by offering an enzymatic exfoliation and massage fragranced with amber and myrrh.

Sensations Orientales by Sothys, incorporates a hand made Moroccan pumice stone that is provided to the client post treatment as a take home gift to extend the benefits of the ritual beyond the treatment room. This ritual can be performed in a traditional treatment room or a Hamman.

What about a Japanese inspired treatment featuring a cherry blossom scented gommage and exfoliating mitts?

Hanakasumi by Sothys includes a complete body exfoliation, complemented by a relaxing and hydrating massage with a foot ritual all punctuated with notes of cherry blossom and lotus. 

Journey Recommendation:

Imagine being wrapped in a sarong and enter a room filled with the meditative and ritual scents of jasmine and sandalwood.

Receive your welcome oshibori towel fragranced with the same aroma.  Close your eyes and experience mayonggo, a guided breathing and stretching routine which means energy in Indonesian. This welcoming breathing ritual was designed to help rebalance the energy and promote a deeper connection between the therapist and the client. The objective is to assist both in connecting the mind, body and soul as well as allowing the guest to reap the full benefits of the treatment.

Once on the table, the therapist will focus on the entire body (including head, abdomen and glutes). A combination of deeply enveloping techniques, acupressure points and energy focus points allows the client to experience an exotic journey of complete relaxation. To accompany each movement Sothys has designed exclusive music using pure and soothing sounds, combining tradition and modernity.  Inspired by Indonesian culture, gongs, flutes and tuning forks to help dissipate stress. These sound vibrations (sonotherapy), are designed to bring about powerful well being for the mind and body and are sometimes used in yoga and meditation.

At the end of the treatment the client will be guided through a thank you breathing sequence. They will begin seated at the edge of the bed and transition to a standing position. The objective is to finalize the benefits of the treatment, release any lingering tension and gently bring the client back to reality.

This new signature treatment Indonesie Ancestrale was designed by a Sothys Master Therapist, Severine Monjanel, who immersed herself in Indonesian culture to gain a more authentic approach. Her objective was to acquire the cultural dimension involved in body massage in Indonesia, and combine it with Sothys expertise and treatment excellence.

Clients who love adventure and find inspiration at the spa will appreciate treatments that are rich in tradition. Having a menu filled with Eastern Inspired therapies would pair well with tingsha chimes, tuning forks and sound healing. Sothys Signature body treatments and retail offerings can help your spa become a vacation destination for many of your clients.

This article was created in collaboration with the sponsoring company and our sales and marketing team. The editorial team does not contribute.