How to Take Advantage of the Holidays to Maximize Your Spa's Revenue


The holiday season is the most lucrative time of year for spas. Don’t miss out! There are several ways in which you can take advantage of the festive season to maximize your spa revenue.

Here are 7 ideas to try this holiday season:

Gift cards

According to several surveys*, gift cards are always in high demand as Christmas and holiday gifts. A survey by Ebates found that more than one-third of women (35%) selected a gift card for a spa treatment as the gift they would like to receive. Another survey focused on Generation Z girls** found that 57% of that cohort would like to receive “experiences such as spa treatment or concert tickets” as gifts during the holiday season.

If this is what people want to receive, get your gift card and gift certificate promotions going!

Take advantage of technology and get your gift certificates to your maker faster than ever! Spa management software you support your marketing efforts, ie. Book4time’s discount, gift certificates, and coupon management module allows you to control when and how your discounts take place and integrate your offers with your social media or your email platform. This is the kind of tool that will support your initiatives throughout the holidays.

Spa packages and bundles

When it comes to gift giving, a lot of people are looking to purchase several services, or an entire day’s worth, rather than a single massage. Make sure to make packages available. Package a collection of your most popular services, and your most eclectic. Create something for moms, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, whole families, and couples. Bundle a product, or several, within a treatment. The value of these packages is what will help you stand out from the crowd. Also consider allowing guests to create their own package from a selected list of services in your online booking dropdown menu. Giving people the opportunity to personalize can go a long way.

Stay in touch with your customers

The weeks leading up to the holidays are busy and stressful. Remind your customers that you are there when they need an escape from it all. Offering incentives and promotions to come with a friend can be enticing. Who wouldn’t want to spend the morning shopping, then once that’s out of the way, head to the spa to destress from the crowds and chaos? Let everyone know about your packages and promotions.

Themed treatments

Create services and treatments around the smells and tastes of the holidays. Think: cinnamon, cloves, peppermint, clementine, and of course, chocolate. Last year, The Ritz-Carlton Spa in Los Angeles, collaborated with renowned Los Angeles-based chocolatier, Valerie Gordon, to design a collection of winter treatments to pamper guests around the season. Organic oils, spices, and herbs were used to match the flavor and fragrant notes found in Gordon’s sweet treats. Delicious.***

Maximize your retail

Spa and beauty products are, of course, popular holiday gifts. Make sure your retail items are fully stocked, available, and within view and reach. Ideally, a customer shouldn’t have to ask to smell or test something that is behind a counter as this can be a barrier to purchase. They should be able to pick it up themselves. Make sure to stay on top of your inventory with your spa software, so you don’t run out of popular items at an inopportune time.

Loyalty programs

Don’t forget about your loyal customers. Now is the time to offer special incentives to members of your loyalty program. For example, encourage them to bring a friend as part of a special promotion, available only to your VIPs and only during the holidays. This introduces you to new potential regular guests. Remind your regulars that spending their holiday gift dollars with you helps them build up points for future rewards.


While December is ever so busy, many spas are likely to experience a lull in January and February. One way to fill that time is to offer special spa promotions and discounts on services that are only redeemable from January to March. This fills treatment rooms with revenue that you might not earn otherwise.




This article was created in collaboration with the sponsoring company and our sales and marketing team. The editorial team does not contribute.