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Post Pandemic Spa Trends

An ever-present reality we are all facing post pandemic is the continued concern for safety and protection that doesn’t sacrifice comfort.  The innovation behind LEC’s new product line does just that: provides many protective solutions for salons and spas, with your staff and clientele in mind.  


Sanitation concerns remain paramount and will be a concern for years to come.   Your sanitation protocols will need to be conveyed with assurance.  A successful spa will need to explain to its guests how your spa will filter its air, clean its surfaces, and provide an overall hygienic environment for the provision of spa treatments and services.  Spas can protect their treatment tables from intensified cleaning protocols with LEC’s protective Flexa-cover, and or Earthlite’s® Vir-Avoid™. Our StretchGuard™ Silicone FacePillow Cover, the industry’s first disinfectable, reusable facecradle cushion cover is another good option. Protect clients and your service providers during facials and face-up body treatments with our Safe-Guard™ plexi-glass treatment shield.  The new Earthlite® Breathe-Easy™ Microfiber Headrest pocket helps trap respiratory particulate and potential viral aerosols while allowing a larger surface area for the exchange of oxygen and CO2. 


In the past several years, providing a safe environment for your clients has become an increasing priority.  Background checks on prospective employees has become standard.  Spas worldwide are searching for additional measures to provide a safe, secure environment for their guests.  LEC is exploring a new in-room product, the call button, as an option for its treatment tables. With the simple push of a button, guests and therapists will have the ability to alert the front desk of their desire to interrupt a spa service or treatment in order to prevent or stop potentially uncomfortable or inappropriate situations. This cost-effective feature may quickly become a must have for high volume spa operations. 

Full Sensory Activation

Activating all of the senses during treatments is key to maximizing wellness benefits and relaxation. Chromatherapy, aromatherapy, sound therapy, heat, vibration, and taste deepen and enhance the wellness benefits of your spa treatments.  Earthlite’s Holistic Alchemy™ aromatherapy essential oils is one of the powerful ways we support balance and well-being through the olfactory sense. LEC’s SO Sound SoundHearts™ Acoustic Resonance Therapy and Music System unlocks an auditory resonance therapy system which provides a full spectrum flow of harmonic sound waves through the treatment table and into the client’s body, relaxing muscles and reconnecting neural pathways.  Meanwhile, Tara Spa Therapy’s Neck and Eye pillows enhance the spa experience through therapeutic herbs and aromatherapy.  

Guest Comfort

LEC will continue to be a source of continuous innovation in the spa industry.  We have developed numerous advancements in table technology including the Century City and Aspen GT’s replaceable, Gel-tech™ mattress, winner of the ISPA Innovate Award in 2018 as well as additional comfort innovations, including Cloud Fill™, a plush layered cover that turns any table into pure luxury and the LEC Conforma LE™ Adjustable Breast Comfort System, and finally our proprietary, Thermasoft™ dual zone embedded warmer.

On-demand Service and Extended Reliability

With advances in product technology driving higher prices, customers are also expecting extended product life and improved service.  LEC has launched its digital customer service app, winner of the 2019 ISPA Innovate™ award to make our award-winning customer service even better.  LEC has been busy improving its product’s reliability with replaceable mattresses, product line improvements, and an expanded video library for our network of field service technicians. 

Living Earth Crafts is a multiple recipient of the American Spa and Professional Choice Awards.

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