Wondering how you can provide the best eyebrow wax possible?

One of the most common questions we get asked at LYCON is how to achieve the perfect wax for their clients. It is a great question as eyebrow waxing has grown in popularity as perfectly groomed eyebrows are important for balancing facial features, framing the eyes and contouring the shape of the face. Waxing with LYCON wax is a quick, lasting and (relatively) painless way to achieve the perfect shape!

LYCON offers a variety of quality Hard (Hot) waxes to choose from that are great for sensitive area waxing such as the face and can pull super short stubborn and fine hair.


At LYCON, we love perfect brows so much that we even designed a wax just for eyebrow waxing! The LYCOjet Eyebrow wax is uniquely formulated with added soothing ingredients such as Chamomile and Calendula. It is one of LYCON’s strongest waxes and can remove hair as short as 1mm!

Choosing a high-quality wax, such as the LYCON LYCOjet Eyebrow wax, is just one step towards achieving the perfect brow. There are a few other important things to consider. Firstly, before performing the wax, it is best to consult with your client. You need to understand what it is your client wants to see in their brows. Do they want more full brows, thinner or arched? Take a few minutes prior to the waxing service to meet with your client to answer any questions and confirm exactly what they are expecting and hoping for out of the wax. Discuss how much hair they want removed and ensure you understand what it is they want done. This will help to avoid any awkward situations in the wax room!

Secondly, don’t forget to have confidence in yourself and follow a waxing protocol each time. Ensure to cleanse the skin prior to the wax with LYCOtane Cleanser. Next apply a small amount of LYCON’s Pre-Waxing Oil to add an extra barrier of protection and moisture to the skin. Apply the wax against the hair growth and then smooth back down creating a lip for ease of removal. Quickly, swiftly and confidently pull the wax. Remember to firmly support the skin in the opposite direction to which you intend to pull as this will make for a more comfortable experience for your client. If you show hesitation in the wax room you may cause your client to feel unsure or even fearful. Your client may already be nervous which is why it is important to be aware of your energy and work to reassure them rather then raise their anxiety level. This will help reduce any possible discomfort and make your client feel confident in your waxing ability. Cleanse again after removing the wax with LYCOtane Cleanser to close the hair follicles and then finish with a soothing lotion such as LYCON’s Tea Tree Soothe.

Finally, don’t forget to check in again with your client and ensure they are 100% satisfied with their eyebrow wax!

Happy LYCON waxing!

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