Valentine's Day Nail Designs from Bellacures

This Valentine's Day, show some love to your nail clients these fun and festive nail looks from Bellacures:

Photo credit: Bellacures

Heart Tips

To effortlessly these lovely Valentine's Day nails, begin with proper cuticle care and nail shaping. Follow this step by applying a base coat using a sheer baby pink polish. After it dries, grab a dotting tool, and use various shades of pink and silver to create a charming polka dot design. Next, with a bright pink polish and the same dotting tool, dot two spots at the base of the nail and gently drag them together to form a sweetheart shape. Complete the look with a topcoat for a glossy finish and a touch of cuticle oil for that extra shine.

Photo credit: Bellacures

Hot Pink Frenchie

Start by pampering your cuticles and shaping your nails into an enchanting almond shape. Apply a sheer natural base color to your nail bed or opt for a sheer nude that complements your skintone for some extra coverage. Once your base dries, take a bright pink polish onto a thin line brush. Create a V-shaped design by delicately painting the polish halfway down the nail bed and pulling up on both sides. Ensure a clean and bright finish by filling in any gaps. Seal the look with your preferred topcoat and a touch of cuticle oil for that perfect Valentine's Day flair.

Photo credit: Bellacures

Hearts & Dots

After tending to your cuticles, shape those nails into a charming almond style -- perfect for that lovely heart effect. Apply a sheer nude shade matching your skintone as the base. Now, grab your favorite V-Day red using a thin line brush and paint an inverted 'three' shape about 1/3 down the nail. Fill the rest with that vibrant red for dazzling tips. Seal the love with your topcoat and a touch of cuticle oil for that ultimate shine.