"Sustainable Spas" Wave of the Future

Spas catering to environmentally-conscious consumers will be popular into the future, especially with 'cultural creatives' who want to integrate their values with the products and services they buy and use. Designing an environmentally friendly spa saves resources, creates goodwill, and improves the bottom line. The spa industry would benefit from a national energy conservation program similar to the ski industry of America's "Sustainable Slopes" program, a voluntary commitment on the part of all the major ski resorts to protect nature through more efficient use of energy, safer waste disposal and water conservation. Organic food and fiber products is important as well. In the words of Katherine DiMatteo, executive director of the organic trade association. 'Incorporating organic food or fiber products shows customers that a spa is concerned about the health of the environment and is doing what it can do make the world a healthier place. After all, personal health depends on the health of the earth.'

Almost one-third of the U.S. population currently buys organically grown products, demonstrating widespread consumer interest in supporting organic production. Since 1990, retail sales of organic food products have increased 20-24 percent each year. Products and services that are good for the earth.