TAC Partners with Swiss Hotel Management School

For 20 years the Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS) has been providing students with a topnotch education to prepare them for successful careers in the spa and hospitality field. With the tradition of excellence in mind, Swiss Hotel Management School formed a partnership with Austrian software vendor TAC. Students will now practice successful spa management in the on-site training spa with “Reservation Assistant,” the spa & activity management software by TAC. During training, the students will learn everything from scheduling appointments and personnel planning, to stock and guest relationship management. The goal for TAC and SHMS is for graduates to be armed with valuable customer service skills, knowledge of the industry, and a bright future. “The best hotels and resorts in Switzerland, and not to mention in 52 other countries, use Reservation Assistant," says Guenther Poellabauer, Director of Marketing and Sales at TAC. "For alumni of the Swiss Hotel Management School, an understanding in working with the software is therefore an important qualification and might be the crucial door opener into the most luxurious hotels and resorts in the world."