Technogym Integrates AI-Driven Mywellness CRM to Boost Revenue

Technogym integrates AI-driven into its ‘Mywellness CRM’ management software to assist facility owners, managers, and trainers in handling all activities related to the business. The artificial intelligence of this Customer Relationship Management tool automates the whole customer journey, while providing operators with an intuitive, modern, and user-friendly interactive interface which includes detailed metrics analytics on each single user.

Mywellness CRM enables the collection and tracking of consistent data from all the touchpoints of the connected ecosystem (Technogym App, Technogym Checkup, Technogym Visio, Mywellness Kiosk, Technogym Formats, and equipment smart consoles). Benefiting from its open platform architecture, the ecosystem also integrates membership software solutions, fitness equipment (from any manufacturer), methods, payment consumer apps and wearable devices. The CRM software then proceeds to a detailed user mapping with a multidimensional and capillary approach, resulting in a 360-degree profiling.

From the operator’s perspective, this immediately streamlines management and operational processes, while allowing them to deliver both targeted omnichannel communications and customized journeys that follow the user’s evolution. The right service for the right client, just at the right time. To customize and automate journeys, users are clustered depending on their mapped needs, preferences, and habits: favored training type, proficiency level, attendance patterns. Based on this information, Technogym’s CRM software offers a library of pre-defined journey propositions (structured in various adjustable blocks) in order to engage users and decisively reduce drop-out rates.

Similarly, Mywellness CRM allows to shape campaigns as marketing tools, via various selectable touchpoints (Technogym App, equipment on-screen popups, etc.) and can be calibrated in content, frequency, message type (calls to action, surveys etc.). This way, operators boost attraction and retention through effective and targeted challenges which promote friendly competition within the community. At the same time, club services (format classes, physiotherapy/nutrition appointments etc.) can be communicated universally or just to the right cluster of users, enhancing upselling.

Mywellness CRM’s artificial intelligence calibrates setups and suggestions also depending on facility type (fitness/boutique club, physiotherapy/medical center etc.) and expected supervision level. In addition to that, the ‘Mywellness for Professionals’ app provides staff with instant access to a comprehensive facility overview, assigned tasks, and user profiles, directly from the gym floor. This results in greater accountability and efficiency.